Mourning The Sudden Loss of a Celebrity

When a star dies, their family and friends mourn the loss of their beloved. The funeral is attended and therefore the family receives comfort and support through their mourning process. However what concerning the numerous fans who feel as if they were a half of the celebrities life? They conjointly watched this celebrity get older, undergo smart times and unhealthy times. They laughed and cried, applauded and supported this celebrity throughout their career. How is their grief validated?

Lets explore the death from the fans perspective. Simply recently, Michael Jackson died suddenly at the age of fifty. His fans were stunned, shocked; they are in disbelief. This can’t be happening. Denial is one of 5 stages of grief Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about in 1969 in her book, On Death and Dying. The death was not expected, came suddenly, to a one that was expected to live for many a lot of years.

Several fans may be thinking, why will this affect me so a lot of? I extremely never even met him. Why am I a basket case each time I think concerning him? There must be one thing wrong with me. People are visiting suppose I’m crazy if they apprehend how abundant this can be affecting me.

Fans, take note. What you are experiencing is normal. There’s nothing phony concerning your feelings. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. The word mourning, in the best sense, is employed to describe a cultural advanced of behaviours in which the bereaved participate or are expected to participate. Fans aren’t any exception. They are grieving the loss of someone they cared about. Mourning is also described because the outward show of grief.

In line with Alan Wolfelt, a number one grief therapist, when very little or no outlet exists to precise feelings in a very natural means, the person expresses feelings thorough his/her physical being. Tears are a natural means to get rid of toxins from the body that build up as a results of stress. In a study by biochemist William Frey, it had been found that tears shaped in distress or grief contained more toxic byproducts than tears shaped by irritants. Fans are most likely to precise their grief in the form of tears.

The putting of objects during a place that’s significant for the deceased is the mourners manner of expressing their grief in a very concrete, physical way. When Princess Diana was killed suddenly in an automobile accident, Kensington Palace became the central spot for mourners to pay their last respects. This serves a purpose within the fans journey to method their grief. This show of grief is real, emotional, and heartfelt.

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