Let Go For Freedom – Unharness Your Story to Unleash And Resolve Wounded Past Aspects – Part Four

Your identity or character relates to your story and as a result of you are playing a bound identity story in a very dualistic world, you’re thinking that that’s who you are. You perceive yourself as being born into a certain culture, country, family linage and inheritance factors. You’re thinking that that you are born into a sure material standing and with bound skills and personality. To go beyond the mind of defining words, perceptions and events is to get ‘You’, beyond what your identity story is about. When you begin to step out of the mind, and outdoors of duality and mass consciousness drama games, there is another inner world that’s waiting to be explored and expressed.

There are four aspects about exploring and expressing the opposite facets or aspects of self:

1. Free Your Masquerade Story

2. Step out of the Mind

3. Aspects of Self

4. All Energy Seeks Resolution

Let’s take a look at every individual class:

1. Free Your Masquerade Story – Defining words, making an attempt to ‘figure-out’ things and endeavor sure beliefs of living in a very dualistic world influenced by mass consciousness and perceiving your physical self as being you is limiting. You’re not sure to stay acting out and playing the identical story role game over and over again. Your original contract or destiny seed once you were born into the physical body is only a starting contract and it is not set in concrete, it can be modified if and when you allow it. Your story is just a facade, it’s a mask of illusion – it mirrors your level of self-value, empowerment and your consciousness, but that’s only a story. To expand in consciousness it’s necessary to free your masquerade story of who you think you are.

2. Step out of the Mind – As you learn and grow in physical type, you’re taking on the beliefs of your experiences and others around you still as the overlays from mass consciousness. To be in a position to survive in a very low consciousness world you developed several wounds, rules, controls and conditions to meet the necessary standards that mass consciousness expects and demands. As your consciousness expands it is applicable for you to be in a position to ‘step out of the mind’ in its boxed-thinking is to unleash your own wounds, your previous identity story. It’s to line yourself free, from your wounds, your agendas, limitations, judgments and your self-made controls and rules.

3. Aspects of Self – To relinquishing of your story very suggests that to unleash your wounded aspects of self. Your soul aspects are the collective aspects of all of your past-lives and, when melded, forms a ‘soul eclipse’ of the sunshine and also the dark dualistic conditions. But these aspects don’t seem to be you, and your name on your driver’s licence is not really you, it is your physical vessel in this life time. ‘You’ is your true total core self. You have many aspects of self, several aspects of self, and you decide on what story you would like to play and experience in each and each moment.

4. All Energy Seeks Resolution – There are a number of aspects that are stuck, the old wounded souls of yesteryear, your past and these aspects haunt you for they want to be free. They wish freedom. So to unleash your story is to release the definition of words, the perception of statements, your issues and your experiences by letting go of the management of who you think you are. It is to line these stuck energies free, for ‘all energy seeks resolution’. The desires of the soul are freedom, expression and growth in its evolutionary process.

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