Learn to Set And Focus on Your Goals

As I began to get this article together I realized that I don’t really know what my goals are. Yes I have goals but they are not specific so I guess that I am writing this article for myself as well as you. It is important that we have a clear picture of what our goals are and the direction that we want to go.Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do you need a clear plan of how you are going to get there the rest should not be that difficult. The most important thing from here is the plans that you lay out to reach your goal. Your plans must be thorough and concise. You have to account for contingencies and difficulties and be able to work around problems which arise. In order to do this you will have to anticipate the problems before time. You won’t be able to predict and plan for every contingency but when the unexpected does happen you will be able to react to it smoothly. If you have a well thought out plan it will be very difficult for anything to break your stride.For all that has been written and said about goal setting, I have met very few people who are sure of what their goals are as well as me.

Do you know your goals? I bet you that you’ve a good idea what you’d like to change in your life but that’s not the same thing as having big and exciting goals. We all know that things that we want to get rid of or turn around in our lives. We want to get rid of stress and all its associated physical and psychological problems. The key question is do you have a clear idea of what you actually want? Then again, we often think that we’re sure of our goals, but, ask yourself, how often do those goals actually change? We have to be able to adjust to the changes which may take place in our lives.Ask yourself who is most important to you in life. Do you devote your time and attention to these priorities. Look at the elite athlete. He or she trains many hours per day in order to be able to compete with others. Understand that they will lack in other areas of their lives and development but thet had to reach out for the prize that they wanted. They had to sacrifice to get there. Remember that they had a knack for whatever it is that they did.

You must have a knack or true desire to move out in the direction that you have determined in order to be successful. If you are not you just won’t have enough juice in you to get there. You also need the right people around you to support you. You can’t get there without some help. The athlete has support people who are in his or her corner and will assist in every possible way. You need the same. Choose your support personnel. Choose them wisely. Choose people who have a real interest in what you are doing and goals which are very similar to yours. This way you have a support system in place which will help to carry you through some of the tough times.When you set your goals describe your objective to your subconscious mind in language that it understands which is the language of the five senses. Learn how to focus your mind like a laser at the specific task that you need to accomplish in life. This focus also is a major factor in the accomplishment of your goal. Apply these techniques and they will help you tp accomplish your lifelong ambitions. The Good Life

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