How to Get Rid of The Fear of Public Speaking ?

Several studies, most people would be afraid at the thought of public speaking than dying.

However, opportunities have to speak in public are much more numerous than it appears at first.

– When asked to present to a group and talk a little about yourself

– When we have to answer questions in front of his colleagues, his clients, his superiors …
– When you would like to express its views, or intervene in a discussion
– When you turn the floor without letting you know at a party, a birthday or wedding
– When asking for your opinion in a meeting or friends …

In fact, you already speak in public every day. But how to overcome your nerves and start a speech without the fear of what other people or the memory hole?

Here are four tips to get there:

1. Allow time for your preparation

Nothing is more stressful than the knowledge that one is unprepared. You anxiety to go straight to the disaster in front of the audience and the lack of preparation leads to this result certainly unpleasant. Just because you know well prepared will decrease your nervousness.

2. Warm up

The speakers are like singers, actors or athletes. You must warm up your voice, prepare your body language before you start in front of the audience.

Before beginning a speech or presentation, make your voice and your muscles. Sing several octaves, read aloud and change the volume, intensity and speed of your voice. Do some stretching and the gestures you use when you speak or you have.

3. Take a deep breath

Breathing deeply before the start of a presentation will calm your anxiety. Take time to inhale and exhale deeply before a presentation or a speech. As you exhale, imagine the stress off your body to achieve the ends. Repeat this exercise 2 or 3 times.

4. Prepare an introduction that will relax the atmosphere for your audience and for yourself

Most speakers say when they see a positive reaction from the audience, they begin to relax. This is why some speakers begin with a little humor to an audience reaction. Of course, this technique is not used in all situations.

Then speak from personal experience and sincerity is then a very powerful way to also lighten the mood and create empathy with his audience.

So, public speaking: Difficult? Intimidating? Terrorizing?

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