Fear of Death

There are various topics that some people tend to elude, just thinking of it is depressing. If we could just push those thoughts away and live life without fear, maybe we could freely embrace life as a whole.

But for some reason death seems to be at the top of the list in avoidance. Perhaps conversing about death awakens the primitive emotions of fear which contributes to the unwillingness to embrace it. Is it because we don’t know what lies ahead in the afterlife? Or we don’t know if there is an afterlife? The thought of not existing as the shell of our bodies demise, is something that most people are not willing to cope with. But it is part of the cycle of life which unfortunately ends at some point.

Several scientists have conducted various researches indicating that “There is evidence that when a person dies the soul does not become annihilated.” The belief is the soul lives on, and death is only a process not infinite. But the word death still sends the same chill in me that it sends in most people. The thought of the heart not beating any longer while the brain is shutting down is difficult to take in, and a feeling most people want to avoid experiencing. Is this selfishness? No it’s not, life is precious and we should live every moment of it. Because once the body is laid to rest it no longer exists as a human form. It is only a shell of a previous being.

I have found myself discussing death more frequently than I did in the past. My conversations with each individual have been relatively the same. No one wants to think of being in a coffin and their bodies are being lower into a grave six feet under and eventually deteriorating. Some people have said they would rather be cremated than to experience that. But we would not feel it as the human form of us will no longer exist. After conversing with each individual I believe it is the thought of no longer living and breathing in accordance with what happens to the body afterwards which creates the fear of death. Perchance it is because most people do not want to die. The fear consumes us because we know death will occur, and we can’t stop it. But we have to hold on to our belief and faith, and hope it will lessen the fear.

There have been many reports of near death experiences where people have stated they seen their bodies and their past reviewed in the form of their own humanity as the doctors and nurses tried to revive them. Some people say they have seen a light with love ones who passed away standing before them. I’m sure there are many different experiences. I do not question their experiences mainly because of the similarities in their stories. There are somethings that may occur in the unknown without clear explanations, we just have to characterize those incidents as experiences we can’t explain.

Unfortunately, the afterlife and the living are separate worlds where the decease and the living do not meet for casual conversations. We cannot attest or challenge the experiences of what transpires in the afterlife especially when we have not experienced it ourselves. We have to know, trust, and believe in our own faith to make our own assessments. Unfortunately life is not a formal promise.

When someone we know dies we mourn them, if we do not know the decease we tend sympathize with the pain their families and love ones are experiencing. But do we really ever question why we mourn? Or is grieving a natural reaction to losing a love one? I have wondered from time to time do we feel sadness when someone passed away because one day we know we will pass away. I admit the thought has festered in my mind: Is death really the end? Believe me that is a thought I would rather not entertain. But it is the cycle of life. And something we all have to come to terms with.

For some people the fear of death is strong enough to lead them into depression; but when that state of depression occur those individuals tend to enter into the state of being afraid to live. And anxiety takes control of their well-being. Sadly life passes by without them really giving themselves a chance to enjoy it.

Researchers have conducted various studies about life after death which has provided different elements and aspects in regard to the transformation. During those studies it has been reported that “The moment the brain loses its exquisitely synchronized organization, consciousness is lost. If that breakdown of physical processes is irreversible, consciousness is permanently ceased.” With that said the human part of us has come to an end. In regard to connecting life after death several researchers have argued that religion and belief factors into what we perceive occurs in the afterlife. If there are no concrete answers provided to us there will always be a fear of death.

The question is: How do we come to terms with fearing death? Do we accept that death is natural, seek positive social support networks, or talk to a therapists about your anxieties and fears of death. Each individual will have to cope with their emotion in their own way. I’m sure the pressure to combat this universal social issue to find ways to cope with the emotion of death is a pressure that will remain in the medical specialist and researcher field to combat for years to come.

This statement may be perceived as bias but sometimes we spend a lot of time on the perception of death that they tend to overlook what the assessment truly is. There are no sure solutions to alleviate the fear of death totally. There will always be some sort of concern.

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