Brain Entrainment Review – ‘Pure Binaural Beats’

This brain entrainment review will focus on Pure Binaural Beats, a company founded by Michael Mackintosh and Wayne Hoover, who both have extensive experience in meditational practice. Michael himself has been a personal development coach since 1997 and so has extensive experience within the field.

The practice of meditation itself causes changes in the brain pertaining to an alteration in frequency wave patterns. These can be defined as either theta or delta frequencies. Brain entrainment effectively streamlines the process by employing a scientific approach to altering brain-waves. Therefore, a wide range of brain states, including that of deep-focused meditation can be reproduced.

In the case of meditation, binaural beats can either speed up the process for those who are already adjusted to it, or assist those who have a hard time focusing on the present moment without the constant distraction of mental chatter. Over time, the mind will become adjusted to the entrainment frequencies, and reaching that peak will become much easier.

As well as spirituality and metaphysics, PBB provide assistance with the more mundane aspects of life such as studying, motivation, memory improvement, sleep-aiding, improving confidence etc.

Each MP3 possesses a high quality bitrate of 320kps, and is 30-minutes in length. I feel this is the perfect length for a brain entrainment session, as anything less is usually not as effective, while anything which exeeds it can be too overstimulating (or time consuming). All products can be downloaded from the website immediately after purchase. The prices are very reasonable – they have actually dramatically reduced them over the past year.

One of the most important qualities I look for in a binaural beats download is its overall sound quality. Too many companies hastily put these sessions together and wack a price on them immediately after. Not PBB – these guys, like The Unexplainable Store, have ensured that each MP3 is produced to best possible standard. Of course, a well produced, well layered production is more pleasing to the ears, and is therefore more effective at positively-influencing the mind.

In conclusion, if you are hunting for the best binaural beats on the net, PBB are well worth the investment. They are a professional, respectable organisation who are doing well to promote the efficacy of brain entrainment. Such is the confidence in their product, that if you are not satisfied with your binaural beats download, they will return your money and let you keep the MP3.

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