60000 Thoughts Per Day

Did you know that on average we have some 60,000 thoughts per day?! That means some 400,000 thoughts per week, about 2,000,000 thoughts per month and 25,000,000 per year! This is an incredible amount of brain activity – we are talking roughly one thought per second of every waken hour of our life! This is such a mind-blowing number that quite naturally most of our thoughts (99.99%) must happen in a subconscious way as otherwise we would simply go nuts.

Since we can measure a thought – each thought equals a frequency – each thought then also must have some sort of a weight; minuscule as it might be, each thought must have a weight. For purposes of this blog, let’s say that each thought equals a grain of sand. This would then mean that we produce some 60,000 grains of sand – a small handful of matter – each and every day! About 2,000,000 every month and some 25,000,000 every year! This is a hack of a lot of sand that we produce every year!! You could almost say that we are either creating our own beautiful sand beach every year or quicksand in which we could drown – paradise or coffin only through our own thoughts! Wow! Now this is quite something!!

Let’s take this a step further here: since every thought equals a grain of sand then that in turn must mean that each and every thought that we have also must have a mass. And where there is a body mass there is gravity. Well, and where there is gravity there is a two-way pulling connecting a receptor with a prong, metaphorically speaking…regarding my Receptor and Prong philosophy check out my previous blog entry.

Basically, the bigger the mass the more gravitational power it has. Once it has reached a certain size it starts pulling toward it more mass (i.e. more of the same thoughts and experiences) without us having to proactively do anything anymore. For example let’s say that you are a sales person who would need to meet a certain sales quota per week/month/year. Once you have “calibrated” your thoughts to think and also truly believe that you deserve to earn a certain amount of money and that you hence will close all the deals that you need to close to meet your quotas you will end up closing not only the required amount of deals but most likely even more. Why?! Simply because you have created the environment for it, you have created a heap of sand that has become so big that it is attracting more such thoughts (=clients) without you having to proactively think about finding clients anymore. It might sound complicated but it really isn’t, it is a pretty simple concept: once the energies flow, the energies flow and you will ride on a high wave which create happy thoughts and those happy thoughts will help you attract more happy thoughts: clients, health, relationship, etc.

It is up to us to proactively create grains and put them on the pile that we want to experience in the future: relationship, career, the environment we would like to live in, etc. The more grains in one pile, the more gravitational pull it develops, and thus the more grains it attracts – from within ourselves as well as from the outside world…

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