5 Habits of People Who Are Intelligent Socially

Being intelligent is necessary and a basic need to survive among the people and competition

But being socially intelligent is now one of your bare necessities these days. As we moving in modern era, the sympathy and caring nature has became rare to find in people. People are becoming heartless.

In order to survive in this obsessed era becoming socially intelligent is very important, if you are not socially enough the society will kick you on your ass. That’s why here are some 5 basis must have habits of people who are socially intelligent.

Let’s begin with

  • Listen more Speak Less

This is the one golden rule if you don’t want to regret about something in your life. “Listen More Speak Less”. If you look about back in your life, how many times you have felt ashamed and regret because of some words you just say without taking a minute to think about.

Everyone has their own demands and own goals, they don’t care about someone’s feeling and moral status people just use and misuse you whenever they need and where ever they want. So the smartest move is to listen all around in your surrounding and remain silent and my most favorite thing about this rule is “you will never regret on remain silent ever”

  • Approach every interaction

The more you mingle among people the more PR you will get from them

Do not hesitate of meeting new or old people you know, it is funny but it’s just like T.V commercials strategy, people will more remember it when they continue seeing that commercials. When you are meeting or introducing you are not just introducing yourself only, you are introducing you background, your family friends, your circle and most importantly your work place.

“A man is born helpless” he is depends on other people every time from birth to his funeral.

Mixing up helps to understand each other’s value and increase helping nature among each other that’s why approaching every interaction is very important and helpful.

And remember a smart interaction includes: intently listening, issue framing, advance the agenda.

  • Give for the sake of giving

There are many kind and generous people on the planet earth who have the aim of giving and serving to humanity, helping needy people all around whatever they can in their limited resources. But not all of them are generous and kind many do in order to getting fame and popularity, they actually give because they are expecting something else in return which could be more worthy then they are spending. This golden rule is simply reverse what we discuss. “Give for the sake of giving” give or be generous or kind without any expectation of materialistic return, or return in this world. And don’t ever announce your giving or any good deed.

  • Share Network

Share your network with others; you help them they help you both of you will get benefit of it. Don’t be frugal about sharing your network with others an I bet you will never regret of it infect you will definitely get return.

When you need a reference some on else’s network will be there for your help

  • Withhold judgment

“Never judge a book by its cover” don’t make you views or perception quickly.

Take a time to decide, this is a mistake probably we all are doing and don’t know ho many times have done earlier. We make perception instantly and start treating them likely. This is totally wrong and a bad habit. Meet and greet everyone accordingly and then prioritize your preferences.

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