You Are Qualified Girlfriend?

You want to know that he is not his good girlfriend? Do you want to know have the ability to be a good girl friend? Through this test, can know the answer you want.

In a rare holiday, the other half because of the working relationship, not to be by your side, you only own one to go shopping to kill time. During the stroll, you’ll want to do?

A, as long as a stop, they continue to call him;

B, send text messages in the margins, I hope he returns;

C, stop the call, waiting for his call;

D, to his company, waiting for him to work.

1. Select the “one stop, they continue to commit telephone”: Sassy Girl. In his mind, you become a burden to make him feel very tied, miserable, and you have an unreasonable Sassy Girl is difficult to get along with, he may repent and to love you.

2. Election “in between the short message service, I hope he replies”: But yet. As a girlfriend, you have to do their part, but if want to talk of marriage, they have to change their drawbacks too subjective, though you have a lot to get his place, but because of these shortcomings, that he had reservations not whole-heartedly.

3. Select “Stop calling, waiting for his call”: thousands by Baishun. In his eyes, you are an ideal partner for life, and mature and understand what their position is at what time, and they understand him and understand his thoughts, say it is a thousand by Baishun girlfriend!

4. Election “to his company, waiting for him to work”: possessive. You are too possessive, and little care other people’s feelings, so he felt a heavy pressure, and if this continues, he can not afford one day, lead to break up end, you should take the initiative to overcome their shortcomings.

To see that he is above what kind of person, not a change in time, good to continue. Of course, this test does not indicate any problems, we as entertainment only, no need in my heart. The points mentioned above is for entertainment information.

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