Wedding Dreams Unlimited

Dreams are a common part of being human. Every human dreams in his own free and relaxed time, that is when we are sleeping. Regardless of your nature, your colour, your gender, your age or your faith, we all dream.

We dream in line with our age and our gender. As babies don’t dream of winning a million pounds or a holiday in the Maldives or having fun with a film actress, they dream of angels. Men will likely dream of a girl, a sports car, a great career, success and traveling, while women will dream of weddings, boyfriends, dress designs, work, film stars, and old people will only dream dirty dreams… sorry, I was only talking about myself.

The dream is like a film, and you are the exclusive viewer. You cannot share it with anyone. You may have someone acting in the dream free of charge.

Making the dream will not cost you anything. But this kind of dream is like a Bollywood film, and it can only be viewed once and once only. This is a gift of God to human beings – the ability to be entertained even when they are sleeping.

Some dreams come true when it is unknown, but we do say that this was one of my dreams. Such as a wedding. We don’t normally have dreams of divorce, but we do have bad dreams. We call some people dreamers or wisher. This is when they dream of things that seem unbelievable, or unachievable.

Sometimes you might have a bad dream. This might be a dream you want to walk out of, just as you might want to walk out of the cinema when you have had too much of a horror film.

Often we say something like “I have found my dream girl, and I will have my dream wedding”. In reality you have found the person of your choice, and she has met all the qualities you need, so you have decided to marry her or him.

Often, when we say that we are successes in life and have reached the stage where we are in control, we say it is like a dream to see the company reaching such a height. In reality the success has not been achieved due to your dream, but due to hard work, dedication, commitments, honesty, support and many other factors, not just the fact you dreamed it.

Dreams are our imagination. What you have been thinking, what you are, and what you are worried about may be the topic of your dream. But then we are all individual, so this may not be the case.

Anyway, one thing is sure, the things that happen in your dreams haven’t actually happened in reality. If this were the case, then I had a dream of going out with a Bollywood babe last night, and if the dream was a reality, then I feel sorry for the Bollywood babe for going out with an old man like me.

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