Tips To Have A Rustic Forest Themed Wedding

Is your wedding around the corner? Have you already finalized the dates for getting married? Then probably, the first thing that you’ll be doing will be to book a venue of the wedding. Much like myself, if you’re too a person who is tired of those boring looking monotonous weddings then wouldn’t it be a great idea to decide on a theme that is according to your taste and bring forward your personality?

Deciding on a theme for a wedding venue might seem like a bit intimidating but let me assure you that it’ll be worth every trouble you endure. Setting a theme will actually make things simpler to choose from as the range of things that you can choose will now be limited and will be decided based on whether it goes well with the theme or not.

Are you convinced with the idea already? If yes, then keep on reading for some great tips that’ll help you sport a rustic forest theme at your wedding. Even if you’re not yet convinced, then I can guarantee that you’ll not be able to hold back after reading the ideas for a forest themed wedding down below.


One of my personal favorites, this is the one that I am thinking about my wedding. Are you too a nature lover, and like it in its original form? Then, you can steal my ideas too, I really hope that it’ll be great for your wedding. Nature, in its truest form, might not be perfect but it is always beautiful, and what better than having a clearing in the forest as the venue for the wedding.

However, with every beautiful venue comes to some challenges and constraints, and so is the case with this one. Space will be limited and you’ll have to check with the local authorities that you’re not disturbing the wildlife in any way.


The decor is really important for any wedding, and having a themed wedding makes it all the more essential. How I have thought I want it to be would be something that I’ll be sharing here with you. I am pretty much obsessed with a pole tent, so an off white tent that touches the sky would be my choice with the sitting area having circular tables each paired with 4-5 chairs. Some floral centerpieces would be a great addition and will accentuate the overall looks. To highlight the theme you can also bring in some potted plants and place them all around the sitting area. This is as per the way I have visualized it to be. If you want to keep things even simpler then why not let go off the tent completely and a few lights and some lanterns combined with other embellishments hanging from the trees would be a great idea.


Outfits are really important when you want to highlight a particular theme. Floral printed outfits will go really well with the setup if you want to keep things casual. If you want a more traditional look then the bride can go with a lehenga with vine and floral embroideries while the groom can sport a golden colored sherwani with some floral elements in it. While selecting for accessories you can adhere to the floral or wooden theme as it’ll go well with the setup.

These were some thoughts that I think would really help you decide on a forest theme to integrate with your wedding. As an added gesture, and a nature lover, please consider having a plastic-free wedding and reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding on the environment as much as you possibly can.

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