Tips That Will Help You Slay Your Wedding Look

It is for sure that you must have some endless ideas regarding the wedding look in your mind popping every now and then. So why not just go forward and refine them instead of rebuilding the look from scratch because something that reflects your personality is always the best choice.

The Colour Burst

Including colours in the summer, weddings become really important and experimenting with the colour tones and hues can create a gorgeous look that will definitely be applauded by the guests. The inspiration lies everywhere be it the rays of the sun of the flowers in the garden and the only thing that is required is creativity to include it in the wedding attire. You can easily choose one that is subtle in the colours but with a contrasting embroidery that’ll look pleasant to the eyes of the beholder. Something mirroring nature’s freshness like some floral hues of lavender, apricot, green, or onion pink.

Try Something Unconventional

There are many hues that are not considered as fit for bridal wear. Whites and golds are some of the examples of colours that are usually not even considered in many Indian weddings but can make up for a really great attire. A white lenga with a golden embroidery pattern will set the bar really high. Even the textures can be played with by combining different types like some bird motifs and florals teamed together with Mughal prints. You can even include some bold colours that are considered to be too extravagant like blacks.

The Indo-Western

The rich abstract prints with some linear shapes make a fluid design. These prints can seamlessly make an ensemble for the bride and really bring an all-new life to it. You can even go for the Mughal-era inspired jewellery with a much modern gown that you decide to wear at your wedding. Experimenting with those braids will surely be another great idea. You can go for a half up bun or a french braid. If you have some long hairs then you can also select a fishtail braid as it will go really well with the indo-western outfits.

Traditional With A Twist

You can always go with the traditional look or can even add an Indian twist to any other outfit. A well-blended look with some elements from the contemporary look while others from the traditional one will look really well. You can also decide on adding a dash of classic Indian embroideries. The fine work of thread and beads can be incorporated to give the contemporary lehenga a traditional look. You can also bring in the Gota-Patti work, Zardozi or Aari embroidery that’ll look great and will really accentuate your look. Adding some glitter work and fringes with some flowery patterns all over the outfit will help keep it minimal yet chic.

In the end, what we’ll like to tell you is that these were just some of the options that you can choose from. There is an entire universe of styles out there and you must choose the one that makes you tick.

Keeping the above suggestions in mind, we surely think that you’ll be ready to slay the look of your wedding.

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