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How to strengthen your relationships? Are you lack of opportunities to show commitment, generosity or passion? Like everyone else, those who have relationships with you can falter or slip because no one is perfect. When this happens, is both your responsibilities to take necessary measures to ensure that your relationship becomes stronger, fuller and subsequent maintenance. If you are a businessman, are you intending to repay your colleagues? If you are a coworker, what can you do to help their colleagues to do well or to accelerate their career? Are you sharing valuable information with them to enrich their knowledge on how to promote new or improve your success?

If you are a spouse, do you do things to encourage your spouse or you seek opportunities to make him or her look stupid? Have you point out their weaknesses or enhance their strengths? Are you taking some type of actions in a way that will make your husband proud of you, or do you do what you want, without considering the feelings of another person?

If you are a businessman, are you talking to your customers with dignity, when things go wrong or do you reject them and belittle their concerns? Do you do what you can to help them solve their problems to help them invaluable service?

If you want to strengthen your relationship, you should ask yourself what is one thing I can do next week to strengthen relationship ? Write five things you can do to help strengthen your relationship and do one every week for the next five weeks. No secrecy, tell the other person you want to improve relationships and maybe you can just inspire some positive competition – another good way to stimulate relationship.

If you are a businessman, you know your customers / clients are valuable to the survival of your business so make concessions to them and treat them in a way that reflects its value. If you are a manager, then you know that your employees are important to the success of your team or department so treat in a way that shows the value. You speak in a respectful manner, encourage their growth and development, share objectives and vision with them so they can be fully committed to making a reality. If you are a spouse, then you know the value of your spouse plays in this relationship and help to build the life of your dreams. It is very important that you treat your wife with dignity and respect, acts of kindness, love, understanding and forgiveness for the mistakes and hurts.

When working with groups I often ask how they feel useful at work or in their intimate relationships. I think this is important because the assessment of the value of the relationship is something that both sides should do. If you feel that you are assessed in a relationship, then it is your responsibility to do what I call – the value of the conversation. This is where you ask the other person in relationship to identifying value of ten things you bring to the relationship, and you offer to do the same. In the end, you should give priority to top five values, then ask the other person as he or she wants to show respect for this value during the next three months, and of course, be prepared to do the same.

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