Tips For Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships where your special someone is far away, can be difficult to sustain if you only see each other on weekends, holidays and vacations.Surviving long distance relationship (LDR) depression can be even tougher on you, because of the obvious distance and lack of closeness you feel with your partner. I’m going to cover some tips I found helpful when I was suffering from LDR depression at times in my life.

Household dynamics are entirely disrupted with the onset of a new long distance relationship. While one partner must endure traveling or living abroad, usually for work-related reasons, the other partner is left “holding the bag” with all the household chores. This is definitely true if children are an issue.

The distance apart can be especially hard on those who like to see their partner every day. Although the opposite is true for others, who enjoy time apart and feel it makes them appreciate the reunion even greater.

Even though it is feasible to still keep the fire burning, it won’t hurt to follow some more tips for long distance relationship works in order to ensure that your long distance relationship works.

Trust Each Other. Ever wondered why couples who started on the right note ended up singing a bad tune the moment geographical distance set in? It’s the “trust” factor. Long distance relationships that are built on trust often outlived their counterparts who did not have this indispensable ingredient.

Expressing what you truly feel to and towards your partner in any form (mail, phone etc.) can help a lot to make the relationship work. So as to keep the relationship in balance, there has to be a continuous reassurance of commitment from both individuals involved. Putting across and expressing to your partner that you are equally trying to make the relationship work is very important.

A relationship with no rules is not a good relationship at all.To keep the relationship in balance Remember you want to get rid of assumptions. You don’t want your partner to think it’s okay for you if he tries to date other girls when you’re not around. On the other hand, you don’t want him to think that you can just decide on major things without seeking his advice.

Aside from love and commitment, honesty is very important in making a long distance relationship survive. This is not just about disclosing the superficial things like what he was doing the other night when you called and he didn’t answer. I’m talking about more sensitive issues like your needs.

The ‘at home’ partner needs to guard against anger, and stay honest about his/her viewpoint, but without nagging. If you don’t feel your spouse is supporting you for the added duties you have taken on, you ought to be intelligent in how you express it. Constantly expressing how challenging the situation is for you will possibly only push away your partner.

Speak out-tell your partner how much you miss and love him/her. It’s not being cheesy; it’s simply letting out what you really feel. Conflicts often arise in a LDR due to trust issues. Before getting involved in a LDR, ask yourself whether you are capable of trusting another person. Honesty and trust are major necessities in a LDR, as well as in any other relationship. Unnecessary paranoia and doubts will lead to nothing but failure. Arguments and squabbles are just as normal in a LDR as in any relationship. It’s easy to blow off one’s anger when on the phone, so try to be patient.

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