The Myth of Natural Game Demystified

There are generally 2 kinds of social interaction classified you used when you head out: structural and natural. Being structural is when you are adopting any structured linear method of socializing, almost like an already prepared social performance that you have successfully done before, hence a specific routine.

One example of this would be utilizing the classic M3 Model contributed by the pick-up artist Mystery, in which you start off attracting the girl followed by building comfort with her and then seducing her, broken down in different phases, A1, A2, A3, C1, C2, C3, S1, S2, and S3. (For those who don’t know, these respectively equate to Opening, Female-to-Male Interest, Male-to-Female Interest, Conversation, Connection, Intimacy, Foreplay, Last Minute Resistance, and Sex)

And by being natural, you are basically in the moment and winging it, but that doesn’t propose you are NOT adopting some sorts of a little bit of a structure because periodically, something will just come into your head when you are winging it that will cause you to do a part of a social performance, component of that routine, which could be the old joke you have told in the past or stories.

In this scenario of talking to a girl for example, if you approached her and she is already attracted to you within the first minute, you have already bypassed all the attraction needed to be built and no longer need to attract the girl; and you can add in some scripts you have rehearsed in the past you realized that are magic to building comfort with a girl, but not necessary the exact same things. (You are editing your social performance.)

But how do you get there where you can wing it as a natural, but most importantly do it effectively, instead of coming across as a creep or a wimp.

Well, if you look at some of the best pickup-artists today who were once socially unaware, you will realize almost all of them started out using some forms of structure to help them in their social interaction to transforming into a natural, if they did not, they were already naturals to begin with; and they got so used to that structure that it became programmed into their mind where now they interact with girls effectively on a subconscious and spontaneous level without needing to think about it, which to everybody else appears natural.

Remember first learning to read back when you when you were a kid?

For myself I always thought it was a waste of time learning the letter of the alphabet, but now I realized that it was a learning process to being a spontaneous, natural reader. First they taught you the alphabet, then the alphabetical phonics, and then using the structural mnemonic sounds of the letters, you became a natural, sponatneious reader able to pronounce each new word you come across.

This is the same thing for social dynamics. You wouldn’t properly start out if you weren’t giving some guidelines or structures, or else you would be doing a lot of social miscalibration by being all natural; hence, come across as unnatural. Why does social miscalibration matter?.

Well, I could make a huge list, but one reason is you could unintentionally come off as creepy or weird and loss a lot of social proof. Other girls will notice that, and your chance will become slim to getting her because as you know, girls are always thinking about their status, and with you already being the creepy guy, she doesn’t want to be affiliated with that.

Now I am not preferring structured over natural, or vice-versa, but I do advocate using both in synergy to reach absolute social mastery because that is exactly the ideal outcome you want eventually!

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