Keys to a Successful Relationship

There is an infinite number of things that I can give you right here and ninety percent of them would be right but if I were to pick the most important one I would pick communication. Now when you read this article don’t think that I personally have it all together and I am sitting high on my tower directing traffic directly below. I have communications issues just like the next man or woman but I am aware what many of them are and I am working on them. The best way to communicate with another person is to get inside of their mind while they are talking to you. Try to feel exactly what they are feeling and see things the same way that they are seeing them. The average person just doesn’t know how to do this. Listening is an interaction which is actually very dynamic. When you have developed the ability to listen you will understand very quickly whatever it is that people are attempting to tell you. Most people are not very good communicators and don’t know how to get directly to the point in a clear and concise manner.

When we encounter a situation such as this we have to be able to help them.One thing which used to be a major problem for me is that I used to dwell on differences. No person in the world is going to be what you want or expect them to be so don’t attempt to make people fit into the mold that you have created in your mind because it will never work. Learn to appreciate the differences in others rather than to look down on them because they are different. We don’t all need to be the same. Look at the differences in others as exciting new territory for you to learn to understand. Look forward to learning more about their differences. Look for ways to work around that habit and enjoy the person instead. If they truth were to be told we all have something about us which is aggravating or annoying to others so remember this the next time you feel like you want to be critical of another persons character traits.If you are married remember this before you begin to gaze at the grass on the other side of the fence. That other person which you admire so much has problems also. The grass may look greener but it has aphids just as the grass on this side does.

Don’t avoid telling people the truth when it is warranted. Sometimes you may have to keep the truth to yourself in order to maintain peace but never lie. People look at your word as a part of you and it is. If people can’t trust the words you say they will not have respect for anything that you say. They may love you but they won’t have respect for your words.I have learned that there are so many ways of communicating with my spouse other than just talking. Talking is preferred but you should combine talking with other techniques. I believe that the reason that women love presents so much is because they communicate on a more intimate level than men. Women love gifts simply because they say, I was thinking of you.” This is actually just another form of communicating a thought. We should actively look for other ways to communicate which are unique and fun. This is the essence of a successful relationship. Riceland Enterprises

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