Just Because She Dumped You Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Save The Relationship

Did your girlfriend dump you? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Just because she dumped you doesn’t mean your situation is past hope. You can still save the relationship and get back the love you lost.

In three out of four breakups, it is the woman who initiates it. And oftentimes women can be fickle and can be open to save the relationship and get back with their ex. But you must learn the psychology of women to be able to succeed in your bid to save the relationship and get back the love of your life. Although women can be open to a reconciliation, they hate to own up that they erred in their choice to call it off.

It is in your hands now to make the correct moves to succeed. You have to make sure your moves are subtle enough so as to let her see her mistake without rubbing it in. You have to figure out what went wrong and why she opted out of the relationship. Was she bored? If she was then you need to introduce more excitement into it. Was she attracted to a hot guy? If she was, then maybe an improvement in your style and looks is in order. Or maybe you appeared to be too clingy to her that it turned her off? Then if this is the case, maybe you need to take a step backward and let up a little bit and show her your substance and fortitude.

The fact that she dumped you means she was not gratified with you and may have found what she is looking for in another guy. In other words, now is the time to show her that you can be the kind of guy that she wants and craves for.

Another method is to show off to her that you can be attractive to other girls. Start hanging out with a popular and hot circle of friends. Remember your high school days? It was the charming guy who got all the raves. Once your ex becomes conscious that the person she dumped is now popular with the trendy girls, her longing to save the relationship will be trigger and she will long to get you back. When you see your ex with her friends, don’t start jumping to lavish attention on her; on the contrary, try to pay no mind to her. This will all the more build up her hunger to have you.

Now we see a switch in power. Whereas before she had no scruples to dump you, now you have turned the tables and made her want you. Play this along for a while, but don’t go overboard or you may lose the chance to save the relationship forever. Just do it enough for her to salivate and recognize what she is missing.

And once you have established that she again wants you back, then that is the time to make your moves, crafty moves to reconnect with her again. Maintain that bearing and confidence that made her want you again. Do not show her a miserable and piteous state or you will drive her away again. Do these things and ensure your success to save the relationship and get back the love you lost.

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