Jealous In A Relationship – 5 Things To Overcome Dreadful Jealousy

Jealous in a relationship is not a good indication of love.Jealous in a relationship is normal; it cannot be avoided to be jealous over partner’s work and time. However, the intensity of jealousy is different from person to person, and from relationship to relationship going mild to severe.But, how can you say jealousy is too much and it’s slowly killing you inside? When a person is strongly in love with his partner, he doesn’t know when to stop loving until such time he is possessive and jealousy starts to occur in the relationship.

Is loving a person is the same as getting jealous in a relationship?This is unavoidable that jealousy is part and parcel of the relationship especially when you are loving dearly. You can even be flattered when both of you know that there is jealousy happening over something/someone around each other, but it is pointless at all to be suspicious and insecure without any reason to be one. Jealousy occurs at one point in your relationship with valid and justified reasons, that’s healthy and it strengthens more the relationship. More so, with an overwhelming love, both of you can be controlling and suspicious which are inappropriate for the situation. And so you need to self-reflect. Sometimes, jealousy is not becoming an expression of love but an expression of negative feelings from self.Even worse, you start to ask your partner, and vice versa, regularly if he loves you and would get even scared if your partner finds someone better than you As such, before entering into a relationship, know yourself first. As the saying would tell, jealousy is like a salt in food as little of it can savor the relationship and adding too much of it can spoil it or more so can cause damaging effects to life.

Here are some reasons why there exist jealous in a relationship:

  1. Lack of self confidence. Being doubtful of your capabilities can make you feel more jealous of your partner. You always think that you are not a good partner and your partner is seeing someone else. Now if you find your self lacking of confidence about your self, it’s never too late to change.
  2. Lack of certainty. This can make you feel so down. Having this negative feeling can only make you feel little less of a person.You get jealous when you see him talking to his girl friends.
  3. Success. It is normal that you both have works. And the accomplishment of one is to be shared for her partner. But jealousy starts to happen when the partner gets the highest position in the job and gets the better salary than you
  4. Mistrust. Mistrust can happen if the partner gives reason to be mistrusted. So when your partner is doing things that are mistrust and doubt provoking, it is not avoidable to to get jealous from work, friends, etc.
  5. Fear.You are anxious that your partner will leave you at some time. So when your partner used to be spending time with friends and colleagues, you tend to get jealous and you always call him from time to time.

So how can one overcome the issue of being jealous in a relationship? One of the factors to healthy relationship is HONESTY. The couples should not disregard the reasons (negative and positive) why jealousy is happening; they have to talk about it instead to prevent further relationship problems. Another factor to consider also is seeking help. it can be your friend or a guidance counselor. When you attempt to solve the issue alone, as in you and your partner, you will not be having a good end. Nothing can be resolved when they will start shouting and nagging each other.

It is great if there is a mediator to help them calm their minds. As such, it is best to hear each other’s sides and then learn to understand. Either of the partner must learn to accept his faults and his jealousy and be willing to change. Even the person who triggers the jealousy should also be sensitive of her acts. Most of all, what keeps the relationship going is always the TRUST. If you love one another, you trust him/her whole heartedly and jealous for a moment but not excessively. That is the most valuable and true foundation of relationship.

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