Improving Personal Relationships

We all have our personality traits which may or may not endear us to others but the bottom line is that relationships are no more than what we invest into them. If we want our friendships etc. to be successful we must be willing to work at them. The more that we put into our interpersonal relationships equals the more that we will get out of them.When you look at people who are popular and seem to be well liked by others you will find that they put an inordinate amount of their time into their interpersonal relationships.

As a matter of fact most of them don’t have time left over for other pursuits after they have done all that they have to do to perform daily maintenance on their relationships.Socially active people don’t have a lot of time left over to accomplish other pursuits so they may not be as successful as others who spend hours on their athletic or academic encounters. It just can’t work all ways. There is a scripture in the bible which says that a man who has many friends has them because he shows himself to be friendly. We must constantly invest in every relationship that we have. There are times when people come to visit and spend time with me while I am at work here at my office I don’t want to interrupt my busy schedule to entertain them because I need to make some money to pay bills, but if I want to maintain the relationship I must entertain them. Some of my friends want to place great demands on my time not realizing that I need all of my time to accomplish my business. You may experience the same thing in your life. You will have to make the decision of what is more important to you. The saying that you have to pay the cost to be the boss is certainly true.Many times people may get married with the impression that things will always be peaches and cream. They may enjoy the relationship but spend little or no time investing in their partner. Kind words and deeds are necessary seeds that must be planted every day in order for your relationship to grow. A marriage won’t be sweet if you don’t nourish it daily. The small things are essential to the relationship. If you don’t do them there is a toll taken on the relationship over time.The biggest enemy of your relationship is selfishness. The partner who only wants his or her way will certainly doom the relationship.

The key needs to be the desire to give. Most times you will find one partner who is willing to give and the other partner who only wants to take the relationship needs to be balanced in order to work. Now some may be willing to give more than they receive and this is fine as long as they are comfortable with giving more, but it can definitely turn into a problem.Accept your partner for what he or she is. The biggest travesty of justice than you can commit is to want to change your partner into the impression that you have and the person that you want them to be. This is the ultimate selfish act that anyone in a relationship can commit. You will not be able to change your partner so don’t even get it into your mind. Don’t go into a relationship with this attitude. Accept them as they are, help them with their flaws and hope that they help you with yours. Selflessness is the key to a long lasting relationship. Riceland Enterprises

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