How to Ask Out a Girl

Today you will realise how easy it can be to ask out a girl.

Not all of us are greek gods. That does not give you the liberty to be careless about the way you look.Seeing as first impressions always count, the most basic rule to remember is always to leave your house well-groomed. Cupid can strike any time, so always be prepared. Unless you are prepared, most probably you are not going to make it. It can happen anytime and anywhere. For this reason, make sure you dress up to the best of your ability when ever you find yourself leaving the house. Wear clean, ironed clothes and don’t forget to put on a nice cologne. After all you want to smell good as well!

What you say to a girl is very important. They say, think before you speak and look before you leap.Even though every woman is unique in their own right, there are some universal truths that even they can not deny. The most important of these to remember is that women like to be complimented. If you plan to be rude and cynical with her, then you better forget it.It is true that girls like guys that have a bad boy attitude, as long as they aren’t treated in that way. So she likes dogs? You also like dogs? Go ahead, initiate a conversation. Give her a compliment or two where possible.Still if you find that you are unable to start a conversation then be humerous, crack a joke, but be careful, DO NOT make fun of her.

If you want something, don’t be afraid to go out and get it.If you are being confused about what she must be thinking, then just experiement by asking for her number. If she does not hesitate and gives you her number then it will not be hard for you to get a Yes to a date.Call her once in a while to know how she is, be sweet to her, and just do not keep calling every now and then.What you say to her is all about being prepared.

Again, Be Prepared. Where to take out a girl on a date is one of the biggest problems that most guys face. Seeing as it is your first date, you want to play it safe. Take her to a place where there is something she likes, like if she likes movies then take her for a movie.Do not let your plan leak out. Give her a surprise, girls LOVE surprises you know.

ONLY make promises that you can keep. Hypocracy is the worst trait, always be yourself.Be yourself and try having a good time. Don’t over think it too much. Try letting it come to you naturally and you will not fail!

Asking out a girl is an art, you have to master it.

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