Experience American Culture of American Roommate

Just hear that Chinese students only like to live with Chinese. Once there is a professor whisper: “How can you understand American culture?” In order not to strengthen their impression, I’ll try to live with an American roommate.

The first American roommate is a current study dr. When she moved on the first day, I encountered cultural collisions. I feel it is dramatic and entertainment. Because her things contain everything including what she ought not to have and ought to have. She moved back and forth what she ought not to have. We live in the small house with two rooms and one hall, a piece of bed, a desk, and a small bookshelf is basically full of the house. She firstly moves up a plant, then move up another plant, three, four, five… one or two in my opinion is normal. Seeing she moved to five basins above, my curiosity is exploded. Through the window to see her car, there unexpectedly are all plants. Move the few back-and-forth climbed up to the third floor, she also some panted, sweated.

I have met with her several times because of renting a house with her, later again want to live with her, so i also feel a bit shy sitting and watching her busy, Besides her plants furniture also is very light and lovely, I leave to help for her. She politely say, “no, but really thank you.” I think she is just polite briefly and then prepare to take a plant. She was always very polite and graceful, but she suddenly erupted like a volcano, shouted at me loudly: “I said no, you know whatt” no “mean? ‘No,’ means’ no, ‘!” I froze, didn’t expect my kindness will cause the result. Later, she sent me a picture-book and made an apology.

Later, I still have undergone several Americans roommates. I found, Americans individual differences are large, and even let me a little cannot believe. In contrast, the Chinese share more things, big to professional view, love, values, worldviews, small to beauty standards, degree complex. It seems to have quantitative standards which can be accepted by most people. While Americans standards like a kaleidoscope, ever-changing, never cease. Of course, Americans have some shared something, such as a respect for the individual and personal space protection. But sometimes too much emphasis is placed on the individual, even go to extremes, also appear too sensitive and frail.

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