Are You Committing These Relationship Mistakes?

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 divorces are filed by women. What does this mean? There are more husbands who make relationship mistakes that cause wives to decide to give up.

It is normal for all humans to hunger relationships. We all want to share our life with a special someone for us to complete our lives. Having no one to share our thoughts, our feelings and our desires which leaves us alone and lonely and creates a void inside us and this affects our emotional and social development. Having someone by our side to share our joys, successes and even failures improves our capability to achieve more in life.

But being in a relationship is also not easy. As humans, we make relationship mistakes that sometimes endanger the stability of the relationship. Ofttimes, without meaning to, we commit these relationship mistakes and hurt the person we love. And when hurt sets in, feelings of resentment arise.

Men in most cases commit more relationship mistakes than women. Because men and women see things differently, these are a few of the relationship mistakes that men may be committing without them realizing it.

A man tends to neglect a woman’s desire to be touched and stroked when they are upset or distressed. A man should learn to understand that a woman goes through a different level of emotional stress which can be eased by a gentle touch or a stroke to reassure her that you are there with her.

Women like to talk and communicate their feelings and emotions. This is a way for them to feel closer to their partner. Men tend to neglect this fact which is sometimes misunderstood by the woman as indifference on the man’s part. This is a relationship mistake that you can correct by keeping the lines of communication with your partner open.

Men also tend to ignore the fact that listening means the world to a woman. A man should learn to listen with interest not only with their mind but more importantly with their hearts.

Men tend to think that romance is essential only during the courtship period. But as romance is taken out of the picture, the relationship dies as a result. Be more loving and show it. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way in the eyes of the woman you love. This is one of easiest relationship mistakes to correct. Be more demonstrative with your affection and your partner will cherish you for that tremendously.

As your relationship progresses, oftentimes a man tends to take for granted the little things that attracted him and his partner to each other in the first place. Or sometimes you realize that you are committing a relationship mistake but are too disinterested to do anything about it. Remember, a relationship is a two-way street.

Be more proactive today and start seeking help. It is only if you exert effort to save the relationship will you be able to reap success.

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