9 Reasons Why Relationships End up Failing

It takes to two tangoes and that equation holds true especially in relationships. That’s why people often find themselves falling out of love with the person they’re with, or the relationship they’re in. Relationships are complicated and difficult to maintain. It really is a combined effort to keep the relationship going. It also requires patience, perseverance, and platonic consideration of the other person’s emotions and interests. Even users in this eHarmony review can attest to the fact that relationships can be a complicated thing to maintain. This is why couples often seek the advice of outsiders, such as friends or family members, to help them with their struggles. But there are the same repetitive reasons why relationships crash and burn. Some of them are well known amongst the general public, but others not so much. Here are 9 reasons why relationships end up failing.

9- No Trust Amongst the Couple

One glaring reason why relationships struggle is because there is no trust between the two people involved in the relationship. They will often hide secrets from one another, be caught cheating, break promises, and other hurtful acts. This lack of trust begins to chip away at the core of the relationship, and create friction and divide amongst the couple. Losing trust or a complete lack of trust is a hard thing to repair. When a relationship reaches that sort of stage then it’s almost certain there is no going back. The couple that wants to repair that relationship needs to work very hard on regaining what they once lost.

8- One Person Gives More Effort Than The Other

Another reason why relationships fail is that one person simply cares more than the other person does. This usually causes tension between the two, as efforts in a relationship have to be reciprocal and even. The person that is giving more effort tends to demand the same from the other. If they find that effort is not given, they might get upset, and find that the relationship is not for them.

7- A Person Cheated

A cheating incident in the relationship is the main reason why relationships end and couples break up. Cheating is a clear sign of a lack of trust and unfaithfulness. A person who cheats is indicating that they don’t have the relationship’s interest at heart, nor do they prioritize the relationship. This is why, in relationships that go through a situation where a person cheated, very rarely do they manage to come out from the other side in one piece. Cheating is the number one deathblow for any relationship, and when to be avoided if you want the relationship to work.

6- A Change in One’s Life

Life tends to deal with unexpected changes and uncertainties. One day you might be going with the tide, the next day you might swimming against it. So it’s pretty difficult to plan ahead when you can’t clearly see in front of you. Unfortunately, relationships and love interest tend to suffer the collateral damage of an unforeseen change in one’s life. However, in the cases that they don’t, relationships tend to come out stronger than before.

5- Long Distance

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. The separation can add extra onus and pressure on an already sensitive relationship. Not being able to see your partner and being with him physically will make the relationship, and the people in it, more stressed out, and anxious. Long-distance in a relationship tends to end before they begin. Often times couples find themselves in long-distance relationships because of work commitments, or family reasons, or any other person or professional excuse. Sadly it’s the relationships that pay the price.

4- Loss of Interest

It’s sad but it’s true! A lot of couples end up losing interest as the relationship drags on. Whether it’s both losing interest in each other or one losing interest in the other, whatever the reason is, the spark or flair isn’t there, anymore.

3- Not The Real Thing

A lot of people get carried away with the relationship with the idea that what they are experiencing is true love and the real deal. When in fact, time will tell, that it’s not, and what they thought was in fact love turned out to be something else. They fall for the moment and very rarely do they fall for the person. And when the reality sinks in the relationship sink with it.

2- A Mutual End

Sometimes relationships end because both individuals involved believe it’s time to call it quits. Whether they both have similar reasons or not doesn’t matter. What matters most is that they both agree the relationship has run its course. This is probably the best way a relationship can end, because there are no hurt feelings, and it’s a common understanding amongst everyone.

1- Unfinished History

Some people pursue new relationships in an attempt to run away from the old ones. In which case the new relationship tends to be the victim of the old because the old was never quite finished. And so a person might opt out of one relationship because of their love and affection for a past love or past partner. Relationships that put through this sort of turmoil or trouble face the most tension because not all couples can withstand having the past creep upon them. An old lover or an ex-acquaintance coming back into a person’s life brings with them trouble and hardship, which often tends to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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