7 Myth For Building A Better Relationship You Should Know

If you want to build a better relationship then you need to understand these 7 myths, after understand these myths you should be able to improve your relationship with your partner.

Myth 1 I choosen the perfect one, I have to like all of the things about my partner.

act is: We were like a piece of white paper when we were born. We then learnt things from our parents, teacher, and someone we’d met in our lives. And these then developed our behavior. Some of the behavior of your partner might irritates you but keep in mind this is just a behavior not the whole person.

Myth 2 Love means I can change my partner.

Fact is: You met your special one because of the person’s charteristic or uniqueness of the person that you get attracted. Nothing will turns out well if you force it, you just need to accept this and let the both of you grow and expand to a better relationship.

Myth 3 I have to stop doing things that I like, to build a better relationship.

Fact is: This is certainly not true. A good relationship isn’t about giving up things that you like doing, and stopping you from doing it, is like taken away part of you, that is not very healthy. A better relationship is based on two special individuals.

Myth 4 I must be well taken care of by my partner.

Fact is: It is right to expect someone to take care of you. But what if unexpected things happen, what if that person sick? and not able to fulfill your needs and wants.Your partner may need your help sometime. A better relationship is the willingness to take care of each other.

Myth 5 It is expensive to start a relationship.

Fact is: If your love is based on bigger car and bigger house then it is expensive to start a relationship. Although some of the above mentioned are the basic needs, but a relationship shouldn’t based on that.Love is the answer of building a better relationship, and that based on some of the simple things in life, like walking in the park, sharing food, or holding hands. A relationship is not about showing off but what you do to your partner.

Myth 6 Saying “I love you” means I love you.

Fact is: Love is not what you say it is, it is about the things you do that count. You can say “I love you” like a dead fish few times a day, your partner won’t feel a thing. Instead you show your love by doing something that will bring surprise, like making tea, a well prepare meal or the like. Action speaks louder than words still useful is creating a better relationship.

Myth 7 Leave alone the relationshp, it will grow itself for time to time.

Fact is: Nothing more wrong than this. Building a better relationship is the ongoing process, both of you need to put in effort and always communicate. Nothing will grow if you don’t grow it.
These are the few things you can do to improve your relationship, and remember myth 7, building and maintain a better relationship is an ongoing process. Put these principles to use in your life today, and enjoy a better relationship tomorrow!

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