10 Steps of Finding The Perfect Banquet Hall

As a wedding day nears, the booking of the wedding venue is one of the first few thoughts that crosses a couple’s mind. Weddings are all about intangible moments that turn into memories of a lifetime. It is a day when dreams transform into reality. While every other aspect of a wedding is optional and can wait like from ditching away the drapes decoration or postponing dress selection but you simply cannot skip booking a venue. After place all, it is the place where the family gathers for the celebration.

Wedding is a moment of a lifetime and couples go to any extent for making their big day special. Talk about personalization and couples leave no stones unturned in adding a personal touch to their weddings. The date of the ceremonies, guest list, catering and wedding attire all are impacted by the selection of the venue. Does this sound a bit intimidating? You don’t have to worry. Here are 10 steps that would help you in finding the perfect banquet hall.

1. Define Your Budget

Wedding planning although a tedious task yet comes with a lot of excitement. The plethora of fun-filled ceremonies and rituals add more charm to the wedding planning. An essential element of wedding planning is the budget. An estimated budget can assist in the selection of the perfect wedding venue that caters excellent service. A budget helps in providing an approximate idea about the expenses for various ceremonies. Often during wedding seasons wedding venues like banquet halls are available on a discount. A budget would help you in getting a banquet hall at the best price.

2. Talk To A Planner First

Wedding planners are having experts having an idea about the venue layout, space capability, and inclusive itineraries. After setting the budget talk to your planner to get a better idea about your venue selection. Wedding planners have the ability to give a mystical transformation to space. If you’re searching for a wedding banquet hall that fits within your budget also serves as your dream venue then talking to a planner would steer your search in the right direction.

3. Evaluate The Location

Location plays a key role when comes to choosing a wedding venue. Be it an outstation, city or destination wedding the location of the venue should be within an accessible reach of the invitees. Also, the wedding location should have ample space that fits the number of your invitees and also their vehicles. Choose a wedding venue such as a banquet hall or marriage garden that provides explicit service and accommodation and also has a breathable amount of space.

4. Conduct Proper Research

With the advancement of technology solutions for your wedding venue queries are just a click away. Before you narrow down to your selection of venue and finalize your choice check the internet for their customer reviews and ratings. Conduct proper research about the venue before investing in it. Check the banquet halls website for their site photos and to validate the authenticity of the venue.

5. Decide The Wedding Theme

Themed weddings are trending concept of modern times. Themes like rustic, fairytale, royal, traditional, fusion are popular these days. Themes act as a framework for weddings and a wedding venue should be able to incorporate the chosen theme in the decoration. Select a banquet hall which serves an array of wedding themes to choose from.

6. Analyze The Services And Amenities

While selecting a wedding venue to analyze their services and amenities. Many banquet halls and hotels these days have their in-house decorators and caterers and even have a tie-up with other planners. For their clients, the hotels and halls often provide the services at a pretty reasonable rate. While booking a venue check their in-house services and amenities as well to save a few bucks and also the hassle of searching for different vendors.

7. Ambience

A wedding venue should provide a perfect ambience. Be it a banquet hall or a marriage lawn the ambience should go in line with the wedding theme. A shady ambience can overshadow even a grand decor whereas a pleasant ambience is enough to uplift the entire mood of the wedding.

8. Availability

If you have your hearts set on a particular venue but while booking you find out that it’s already sold out, this is sure to ruin your wedding mood. For avoiding this glitch check the availability of the wedding venue and consider pre-booking it in advance.

9. Insured

Booking a wedding venue is a liability and you need to take care of it. Mishaps and troubles come uninvited so it is advisable to book a wedding venue that is insured. An insured venue would have safety measures and emergency backup plans for mishaps and booking one would give you peace of mind.

10. Acoustics

A low ceiling banquet hall might seem cosy but having poor acoustics would reduce its charm. If you’re having a musical night choose a venue with good acoustics to ensure proper communication between guests.

Wedding is the best day of a person’s life. Ahmedabad is a peaceful city and if you’re getting married in the city then considers booking a banquet hall.

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