Why Bangalore is a Good Realty Catch

Bangalore is one of the most happening cities in the country if not the world. Recently the city was picked as most dynamic city in the world by the World Economic Forum. The capital of Karnataka has managed to beat out cities from 30 other developed and developing countries to nab the honour. The list also consisted of Indian metros such as Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The body had set multiple parameters to judge the cities by. Some of the most critical ones to seem to be the amount of Foreign Direct Investment flowing into the cities, the number of big ticket companies present there, and whether the cities were able to catch up with the changes in technology and innovation.

It is little wonder than that Bangalore has topped the list beating out far more developed cities such as Shanghai, London and the likes. As far as India is concerned, this city is at forefront of technology and innovation. It is considered to be Information Technology capital of the country with many top tier companies having some of their units here.

Some of the other parameters looked at by the World Economic Forum were related to the presence of housing and commercial real estate in the cities in question. Bangalore’s realty sector depends mostly on the Information Technology sector. Wherever there are pockets of Information Technology companies, there is bound to be housing options as well as those employed in these companies need a place to call home.

There are very many Information Technology hubs scattered across the ‘Silicon Valley of India.” Some of the well known ones have risen from being tiny villages and unknown suburbs. Such is the story of Marathahalli. Located in the south eastern side of the city, this micro market is an Information Technology hub which is located close to and is well connected to several other Information Technology hubs across the city. This makes it even more popular among those who are looking for a home in the capital of Karnataka.

Apartments in Marathahalli are sort after by those who are working in areas such as Whitefield and Electronics City. So it is obvious that those in the Information Technology sector are the primary buyers in this area. Since their companies are located a stone’s throw away if these choose to live in this micro market, the decision becomes a no brainer for them.

Another set of people who maybe looking to buy apartments in Marathahalli are investors who are looking to benefit from the interest shown those who work in the companies in and around this area. The rental income from properties is enough to get the investors or second home buyers interested in this area.

It is without a shadow of that areas like Marathahalli have made the city what it is today. They provide space for commercial and residential developments. When the older ones become saturated, the newer ones come in to fill the gap. This cycle makes the city stonger.

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