Top 5 Ways 3D Artists Create A Perfect 3D Exterior Render

The commercially-lucrative boons of 3D exterior visualisation services are not unknown to the professionals working in the field of architecture today. The sheer realism and magnetism depicted by CGI (Computer-generated imagery) is the prime-most reason behind it’s massive success in the architectural visualisation industry in the 21st century. However, there are still many architectural designers and marketers who often fail to fully realise how wonderfully photorealistic these 3D renders can be. And because of this unawareness at their part, they fail to make effective use of 3D rendering services for their projects to their profit.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at the top 5 ways in which CGI specialists create visually-stunning and accurate 3D exterior renders.

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1. 3D Exterior Visualisation Services Helps To Create High-quality 3D Models

The first step involved in the creation of realistic 3D renders is to build and arrange 3D models in a scene. By using 3D exterior rendering services, CGI specialists can effortlessly create top-quality 3D models in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

However, it is highly recommended to pay undivided attention to the shapes, geometry, scientific accuracy, lighting and positioning of the objects for optimal visuals.

2. Exterior CGI Enables To Develop Visuals With Accurate Proportions

3D artists always tend to follow the original design plans, sketches and technical drawings to ensure precision and accuracy when it comes to creating a perfect 3D render for the project design. It is by thoroughly studying the site plans, floor plans, cross-section views, elevation and other related aspects of the property that a CGI specialist embarks upon their journey to create visual masterpieces for architects and designers.

3. 3D Visualisation Allows To Apply Textures And Materials To The Project Designs That Are Perfectly Apt For It

As we all know, textures, materials, spacing, lighting and colour combinations form an integral aspect of 3D visualisation services. Therefore, it is important to make sure that it’s quality and resolution are kept in check.

With the help of 3D exterior visualisation services, CGI artists can effectively apply aptly-matched materials and textures to the property designs that are in complete harmony with the original design plan.

4. Exterior CGI Helps To Set Highly Accurate Horizontal And Vertical Axes

For a truly creative, organic and unique exterior rendering, a 3D designer requires to carefully set the vertical and horizontal axes and angles so as to effectively align the models to them.

It is only by accurately setting the axes in a exterior render that a CGI specialist can steer clear of the technical issues emanating out of distortion of perspective which in turn enhances it’s overall scientific, mathematical as well as aesthetic precision. Also, it is highly pertinent for architects and designers to remember that unison and visual-synthesis is the key to win clients over and this is exactly where 3D exterior visualisation services showcase it’s magic.

5. 3D Exterior Rendering Services Enables To Give Life-like Touches To The Surroundings

With realistic 3D visualisation services , CGI artists create highly photorealistic, life-like and emotive surroundings for the main architectural design. Exterior CGI enables the artists to render multiple variants of visuals showcasing different weather conditions, times of day, seasons, lighting and other related aspects of the project designs. Also, by including surrounding buildings, landscapes, trees, parks, gardens , people and other elements to the image, CGI specialists can effectively enhance the visual-appeal of the 3D exterior renders.

Make use of the power of these 5 effective ways help in create visually-stunning and accurate 3D exterior renders.

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