The Factors Behind The Rise of Thanisandra as a Top Investement Destination

Apartments in Thanisandra are currently surfing a wave of property value surge. The area has gained immense popularity amongst investors. Reports according to a research done by a popular real estate consultancy firm have revealed that Thanisandra is one of the hottest investment destination in Bengaluru. Areas such as Panathur, Varthur in East Bengaluru were amongst the other areas deemed as real estate hotbeds. With an average price per square feet of about Rs. 4,800, Thanisandra ranks seventh in the Top Ten list of residential investment destinations in India. According to the report, apartments in Thanisandra are to experience price growth of up to 55%.

An idea of how ‘hot’ the investment opportunity in the area is can be given by the following observation in the report – The current price per square feet of some of Thanisandra’s competitors in the list are at least 30 to 70% higher with only a very small difference in price growth! So what has led to the rise of Thanisandra as a real estate destination? Let us see.

Namma Metro Link

Undoubtedly the prime factor that has driven in the area is the recent plans of the BMRCL for a Namma Metro rail link between Nagawara and KIA. The corporation has recently called for tenders for conducting tests. According to the finalized route, the line will begin from Nagawara and continue on Thanisandra Road before continuing on to the airport. Residents of apartments in Thanisandra can expect to gain from it in a couple of years. The Namma Metro rail links have been spreading good fortunes with respect to property value to many of the places they’ve touched in Bengaluru. The same magic is expected work ‘especially’ in Thanisandra for a reason which is discussed below.

Proximity to IT Hubs

Thanisandra is close to areas like Hebbal and Whitefield which are expanding as major IT hubs in the city. As per estimates, firms in the regions are to generate more 80,000 new jobs in the near future. With the fresh intake of IT populace, apartments in Thanisandra will naturally gain popularity as a residential option, being close to work. That combined with the addition of quick connectivity through the upcoming metro will offer easy commute for professionals.

Lower prices

When compared to apartment prices in areas like Hebbal or Whitefield, apartments in Thanisandra are a tad lower. The current price per square feet stands at Rs. 4800. There are close to 50 new apartment projects in Thanisandra currently which either ready to move in or under construction. Various configuration of apartments with good amenities are on offer. So there is good availability of inventory currently. The price of apartments ranges from 25 Lacs to 1.5 Crores.

Good social infrastructure

Thanisandra enjoys good social infrastructure with many major developments with respect to transport taking place. Developments such as the metro and the Peripheral Ring Road have seamlessly connected it to other parts of the city. This has led to a positive commercial development. In fact, last year, in 2016, a popular Indian IT firm had leased about 2 Lakh square feet of office space in Thanisandra Road. As many as 2000 employees per shift are working there currently. Many other IT firms are being talked of to follow suit. This, in turn, has created a demand for apartments in Thanisandra.

Thus overall, a number of factors have come forward to fuel Thanisandra’s rise as a real estate investment destination.

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