Military Homes For Sale by Owner

Military Homes for sale by owner

There are various Military Homes for sale by owner in US. Military Real Estate is your source for relocation information, rental information and home purchase information for properties located around the many military bases nationwide. Our partners have realtors and property managers with experience working directly with military members, as well as expertise in the VA loan process.

There are various benefits of Military Homes for sale by owner:

1. Lower Contract Price:

When the owner isn’t paying a real estate agent, he may have the ability to list the price more competitively than that of similar homes, which can result in lower monthly payments for you.

2. Creative Contracting:

The Military Home owners wants to remain living in the home for 2 weeks after the closing date. You can include this provision in your contract. By putting the seller directly across the table, you can put your heads together and find win-win solutions to some issues that may arise.

3. More Information:

When real estate agents are involved you’re communicating with the seller through third parties. By breaking down the barriers of communication between buyer and seller you may find out more about the history of the property than you would otherwise.

4. Daily Involvement:

Without a real estate agent as your go-between with the seller, inspectors, title company and other third parties, you’ll be involved in the transaction almost daily to ensure your desired time-frames are met and you remain on schedule.

5. Paying real estate agent fees:

A Military home is listed as for sale by owner is an attempt to cut costs. On regular purchase contracts, the seller pays for all real estate agent fees, adding up to a significant chunk of money.

6. Daily Involvement:

The typical length of time a buyer is under contract with us here at Veterans United is approximately 30 days from the date a contract is received.

7. Repairs:

If you enter into contract on a Military home, just like any other, an appraisal will be conducted. If the appraisal notes any required repairs, the seller must make the repairs at no cost to you before a closing can occur.

In the Military Rental Homes, the carrying costs as you evaluate an offer. Ongoing expenses, such as mortgage payments and utilities, could make getting the deal done, at a lower than ideal price, more attractive.

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