How to Make Your Office Environment-friendly?

Amidst the rising environmental concerns, concepts like sustainability and eco-friendliness have gained much needed limelight, especially in the commercial sector. Facilities including government offices and modern workspaces are now embracing modifications that aim to reduce the adverse impacts of their operations on environment and nature.

The leading office architects in India claim that office premises generally savour multiple opportunities for going green. Implementation on green ideas and acknowledging sustainable approaches ensure both short-term as well as long-term benefits. For instance, they reduce energy and maintenance bills while increasing property value and guaranteeing a higher return on investment (ROI).

Moreover, the top office architects in Bangalore conclude that an eco-friendly office environment can also improve the mood and behaviour of the employees. It increases their productivity and motivation levels that encourages them to achieve organisational goals efficiently.

Here are some tips that can help in making offices environment-friendly:

1. Embrace renewable energy

The leading commercial architects in Delhi suggest that office authorities should minimize their dependency on non-renewable energy sources like thermal power. Rather they should increase their reliance on renewable energy sources and green power. They should invest on projects like solar panels to become self-sufficient and to reduce their contribution in pollution levels.

2. Bring indoor plants

Indoor plants not only enhance the indoor aesthetics but also increase the green quotient in office premises. The top sustainable design architects in India assert that office authorities can decide on placing indoor plants like spider plant, snake plant, money plant, etc. as these plants can assist in purifying air, which in turn can prove to be beneficial for employee health.

3. Install energy efficient appliances

All office spaces require electrical appliances like fans, air conditioners, lights, etc. Moreover, pantry spaces are also equipped with heavy appliances like geysers and microwaves that consume a notable amount of electricity. In such a scenario, you can easily save on electricity bills by deciding on BEE star labelled electrical appliances. The star labels are issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), and higher ratings ensure the energy efficiency capability of the appliance. You should always decide on 4 or 5 star rated electrical appliances.

4. Encourage employees to change their attitude

Change in attitude and behaviour often work wonderfully well in reducing the overall energy consumption. Thus, office authorities should issue rules or guidelines that aim at limiting energy wastage in the premises. You should encourage your employees to get into the habit of turning off lights and other appliances when not in use. Moreover, always make sure that your office is equipped and cleaned with natural products only. For instance, you should encourage the use of cleaners that contain no harmful chemicals and substances.

5. Manage office supplies

Office supplies like stationary, toiletries, tissues, etc. are significant expenses that all offices are required to bear. Thus, you should look out for purchasing green products instead of deciding on inexpensive alternatives. For instance, you should decide on buying tissue boxes and notepads that are made from recycled paper and other green products like staple-less staplers and refillable ink pens. Moreover, you should also encourage your employees to cut on the usage of materials like rubber bands that have no-green alternative.

6. Decide on alternatives

The top office architects in Mumbai suggest that offices authorities should look out for environment-friendly alternatives to various practices and equipment. They should discourage the use of paper towels in toilets and replace them with cloth towels or hand dryers instead. Moreover, you should also encourage your employees to use reusable cutlery like cups, plates, mugs, etc. and limit the use of disposable items.

Lastly, all commercial and office spaces should encourage recycling. They should place recycle bins at multiple locations in the office space, preferably near printers.

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