How Architectural Design Firms are Catering Construction Workflow?

Are you looking for the best architectural services? Top architectural design firms are providing a complete guide for supporting building projects. The proficiency of the architects helps design build firms in various stages of design creation. Some of the services encompass programming, schematic, design development, construction documentation and construction administration.

  1. Programming – At this stage, the architectural design firms determine the scope of work, asking clients questions about their understanding of problem areas, wants and requirements. The research and decision making process occurs in this phase.
  2. Schematic – The stage of schematic design deals with the process of developing the basic form of the building through sketching and formal drawings. Normally, the development of the 3d floor plans, site plans and building elevations occur in this phase. At this stage, you are able to get a complete depiction of the building systems consisting of structural, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, interior and exterior finishes along with the building site.
  3. Design Development – After obtaining the basic idea, you are able to refine the process, during design development stage. Specific materials are checked in this phase and assessed for the durability, price and beauty. Whether you want materials for countertops or shower tile, the full design gets created in this phase.
  4. Construction Documentation – During this phase two complete sets of architectural drawings are obtained. The construction documents fill in all details, encompassing every architectural element.
  5. Construction Administration – Usually, construction administration involves the architect acting as the owner’s representative during construction. Site visits, testing of materials and inspections ensure the fact that the contractor is building as per project specifications without cutting any corners. Most building owners don’t have the expertise to be their own advocate during construction. Top architectural design firms help in guiding the owner to a successful project completion.
  6. Alternate Project Delivery Selection – Most often, two project delivery methods that work the best are design-bid-build. These standard delivery techniques are acknowledged by the building owners, architects, and contractors. However, sometimes an alternate project delivery provides great support to a project, when the owners need to follow an aggressive schedule for reducing change orders.
  7. Record Drawings – Each property owner of an existing building retains a set of architectural drawings for recording the building as it currently stands. This enables future building development, where architects are required to start working on a project.
  8. Sustainable Design – An increased focus on environmental concerns, compels the clients to frequently ask their architects for sustainable design services. Sustainable design services provided by an architectural firm consist of analyzing material impact on health, energy analysis, ventilation, carbon accounting and project sustainability assessment, such as LEED and workshop facilitation.
  9. Urban Design – In urban settings, how the buildings and structures collaborate to create a pleasurable environment is as significant as the design of individual buildings. An urban design encompasses the design of a single building to emphasize on groups of buildings, transport systems, services, and amenities. As it comprises components of architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning, design firms set off external consultants with proficiency in the urban fields. With the expansion of the scope, architectural contracts grow to match the requirements, building a more holistic project.
  10. Bidding/Negotiating – Often design firms are the ones on the owner’s side to bid on a building project. The owner typically has no expertise with such negotiations. They might not even know how much it should cost. This is exactly where an architect proves to be of immense help. An architectural firm knows the cost and thus makes changes for reducing the costs without making any impact to the integrity of the original design. If a client feels uncomfortable to do the negotiations, it’s worth for them to hire an architectural firm to guide them.

Some other architectural services consist of project management, 3d renderings, feasibility studies, site selection, building condition audits, site representation, electrical schematics, cabinetry elevations, multiple contract preparation and interior design. Consult top BIM services companies in USA for complete architectural solution.

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