Finest Way to Find The Property Listing Agent

It can be a massive undertaking if you are trying to sell your house. Especially when the real estate market is slow, and the economy is struggling. During this time, putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard and waiting eagerly for buyers would not work.

You might even not get a few interested people knocking down the front door with offers. In addition to that, selling a house quickly while getting the best price, you should know some of the best marketing and sales practices. However, what should you do when things are not going on your way?

The solution to this situation is to choose a property listing agent. An experienced listing agent can help you to get best possible price while bringing the expertise on the table.

Among the other essential duties, they have the potential of bringing a large number of buyers through the web and print advertisement within a short time. Moreover, they will also help you to negotiate and close the deal.

Research has been conducted by National Association of Realtors (NAR) on the homeowners who decide to sell their house without the help of an agent. NAR found that agents sold 3 to 11 percent more homes than homes sold by owners. However, agents charge some compassion for their service, usually ranges from 5-6 percent of the final price.

Well, let’s find out some of the most excellent ways to find the property listing agent.

Conduct a preliminary search online

These days, whatever we want to shop, we check online. And there is also no difference between finding a real estate agent. To locate a real estate agent in your area, you can check some of the online tools like Zillow, Trulia and

While browsing these tools, you will get some useful information such as some home sold, realtors experience, contact details and the price of property they dealt with. Take a note of those Realtor’s track record, because this may help you to find a superstar agent in your area who can be perfectly fit for your needs.

Get referrals from friends and colleague

There is no doubt on word-of-mouth referrals which works wonderfully. It is not that everyone who recommends the agents is used to sell a house. Ask the referrer which is whether he/she worked with that agent or not.

A does not hold lots of loads if it cannot explicitly convey an agent’s manner of treating clients, quality of work and communication style in the whole process.

Interview at least three agents

Many home-seller make the mistake of continuing with the first agent they interviewed. Just having the real estate license does not always say that the agent is an expert. That’s why, you should interview some real estate agents, say about three or more. It is recommended that, until you feel comfortable with an agent, you should keep on interviewing agents.

Look at productivity and education

Not all agents have tons of experience and happy clients in their basket. Some of them, however, have not closed a deal successfully in years. Research credentials online thoroughly and are sure that the agent you are considering has a license to practice in your state. However, when you are browsing agent’s website, note down the number of recently sold listings.

Real estate agents can obtain professional recognition from the organizations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) or other recognized groups. Many real estate agents do not have such kind of professional designation. However, extra training express a commitment to learning the best industry practices and delivering top class service.

Ask the right questions

Just interviewing of the potential real estate agents, does not always helpful if you are not prepared to ask right questions. You aim to see if someone has the proper experience and qualification not only to advertise your property but also to get it sold for the best possible price and as quickly as possible. Some of the general questions that you should always ask are:

  • How much is the value of your property?
  • How will you market it?
  • Tell me some of the recent deals that surprised you?
  • Why should I choose you?
  • How much commission do you charge?
  • Can you give me some of your recent client’s contact numbers?
  • Are you planning a vacation in the coming months?

After reading this article, you may be feeling quite relaxed. Now, you should let your agent take care rest of the things. Meanwhile, you should keep the line open for communication with your agent, so that you get the update about your home frequently. Happy Selling!

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