Find a Beautiful Home in The Edmonton Area Near You

Those who are familiar with the area, know that it is near the University of Alberta. If you are attending the university or have a child who will be attending, you may be interested in purchasing a home. Even if you are not a student, you can take advantage of the many facilities that the university has to offer. The best of these being their new wellness centre, which is available for the public to use.

The University of Alberta has just opened a brand new Physical Activity and Wellness Centre. This centre is located next to the Butterdome. It has a variety of exercise options, including a sixty-foot climbing wall. You will also be able to watch the sporting events put on by the university and support some of your favorite teams.

Another great entertainment option available in Edmonton is the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. If you are interested in the arts, you will fall in love with this world class auditorium. Located across from 87th Avenue, the auditorium is known for its performing arts events. The auditorium puts on a variety of shows and is something you should definitely take advantage of if you plan to move to the area.

If you are an avid golfer, the Edmonton area is the place for you. There are multiple golf courses within miles of the homes that are for sell in the area. One of the golf courses is the Mayfair Golf and Country Club, which you can become a member of to take advantage of all of their facilities. The second golfing option is the Victoria Golf Course, which is equally as beautiful and a great course to play.

Those with children or just a general love of the outdoors will love how close the homes are to local parks. You will be near the Recreational Park System of Edmonton, which is the largest area of parkland in North America, and includes twenty-two major parks. Some of the parks you may be interested in are the William Hawrelak Park or the Emily Murphy Park. Most of these parks are located within a short walk from the major homes for sell in the area at this time.

Those planning to move to the area may be interested in taking advantage of the local public transportation. Many great amenities will be within walking distance. However, you can also use the local bus transit and the light rapid transit stations. This will allow you to get around Edmonton without worrying about taking your own vehicle. Depending on which condos you choose, you will be within minutes from these public transportation options.

Of course, there are many restaurants in the area which make for a great night out with your significant other or friends. You will also fall in love with the many beautiful boutiques, that can help you find a new and improved wardrobe. There are many other amenities in the area as well, such as hair dressers, spas, grocery stores, and many other great options. Overall, if you are planning on moving, the Edmonton area has everything you would ever want or need in a luxurious and beautiful area.

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