Everything You Need to Know About Marathahalli

One of the foremost areas to develop during the early 2000’s was the Marathahalli area. This area got its name after the fighter plane Marut crashed into this area. Marathahalli has distributed its area proportionately towards residential, commercial and industrial hubs. The apartments in Marathahalli are in huge demand because of the attractive factors that it covers in and around this area.

Did you know that Marathahalli was considered as a nearby village earlier?

Yes, it is true. In the early 80’s, Marathahalli was known as a village closer to Bengaluru. But today, it is one of the well-developed areas of Bengaluru. With top MNC’s having their offices located here, with top builders designing extraordinary homes, with best multiplexes and malls around, Marathahalli has also seen a boom in their property rates here.

Did you know most of the apartments that are bought in this area are given for either rent or as PG’s?

Yes, Marathahalli is one of the well-known IT areas that have a developed and spacious apartment. Individuals or family migrating to Bengaluru for work, look for houses close to their workspace to avoid the hassle of commuting and also the traffic. Marathahalli has about 70% residents who reside here because of their work. These apartments are bought and given as rent to individuals or family starting from INR 20,000. The square feet rate of Apartments in Marathahalli starts from INR 5000 and go up to INR 10000.

Did you know the residential apartments in Marathahalli offer residents with many amenities?

These apartments offer a huge set of amenities such as Community halls, Walk lanes, Recreational activity area, and huge parking space. Apartments here are available based on your requirement such as 1BHK, 2BHK, Villas, Penthouses, Luxury homes. Every apartment is semi-furnished and is built based on Vastu spreading positivity and prosperity. Every house has spacious living room, bed room, and kitchen with good ventilation. It doesn’t end here, anything you want is just available a few kilometers away. You have a plenty of supermarkets to choose from. Be it hospitals or banks, schools or colleges, entertainment places or shopping malls, everything is pretty much available within a few kilometers.

Summing it up all, Marathahalli is the mini-version of the entire Bengaluru. The Tech-city has offered Bangaloreans with a comfortable living and good infrastructure throughout the city. With time the city is taking its step to become more developed and offer the best. With the young crowd, this area adds a totally different feel of residing here. Marathahalli is a locality that never sleeps. The good infrastructure and ease of commuting have made this locality a hot-spot to invest in. Many individuals who had bought their property here in the initial years of development have got their output more than 2-3 times and are pretty sorted for their future. So, the call is all yours, to invest now in an apartment and enjoy the outcome in the future or to rent out an apartment in Marathahalli.

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