Downsizing Your Home – Some Helpful Tips for Decluttering

Moving is stressful, regardless of whether you’re moving into a smaller place or larger. But it can inevitably be harder when you’re downsizing, as you have a limited amount of space to put all your belongings in. Getting rid of the stuff you’ve accumulated can be hard, but becomes necessary when you’re downsizing-especially when you’re making the move to semi-rural living in small townships like Bannockburn!

Whether you’ve already bought some property for sale in Bannockburn or are still browsing for it, having this downsizing checklist can help quash the feelings of overwhelming panic:

1. Go Room by Room

The best way to downsize is to go room to room and start by making the big decisions first. This involves thinking about appliances, furniture, large collections (china sets, cups, vinyl records, dolls, etc), cars or kitchen items. Do you have space in the new house to fit all this stuff? Will your furniture fit through the door of your new house? Would the cost of transporting old, large items be less than buying new items? If the answer to any of these questions is no, consider selling, donating or giving away these items.

2. Declutter

Regardless of whether you’re downsizing because your kids have all moved out, because of financial reasons or are moving to a retirement home, you must have certainly collected memorabilia of decades past. This might be old baby clothes, college baseballs caps, drawings, school projects or sports trophies of your kids, or large keepsakes your relatives may have left you.

Give adult children deadlines to come and remove items they’d like to keep from your house. Create four designated piles in the room you’re decluttering; one for junk that cannot be given a second life, one for donations, one for sale items, and one for the items you want to keep. Keep going through all the stuff you own, decide whether they should be kept, sold or donated, and add them to the respective piles.

3. Organise Important Papers

Get rid of old bills, receipts, takeout menus, instruction manuals, magazines and newspapers and move everything that you can online, like bank statements and utility bills. Collect every single piece of paper in the house and sort it into three piles; recycle, scan or save.

Recycle: This will include everything that doesn’t go into the other two piles.

Scan: Lease documents, tax returns, medical files, insurance papers, old wedding invitations and birthday cards, photos, warranty documents etc.

Save: Important documents such as birth certificates, passports, diplomas and degrees, wills, powers of attorney and service records. Place them all in a designated folder to keep them well protected and in one place.

4. Head to the Kitchen

If you’re moving to a facility where you are served meals, you likely won’t have much use of all the pots, pans and kitchen appliances and utensils you’ve collected over the years. Even if you’re going to be cooking your own meals, a smaller house may not have the space to keep everything you own. Discard broken or cracked crockery, small appliances that don’t work or that you no longer use, and give away anything that is in good condition and can be reused.

If it seems too daunting to eliminate items, try going the opposite way. What can you absolutely not live without? Once you have pulled out your must-haves, it will be easier to sort through everything else.

5. Take it a day at a Time

Once you have decided you’re going to be downsizing, start decluttering. It can be six months before you actually move, or even a year. Trying to do everything in a single day can be stressful and may impair your judgment. Limit sorting and packing activities to two hours per day and take breaks in between. Continue decluttering monthly, and you’ll be surprised at how much you get rid of even before you actually start dealing with sentimental items!

Bannockburn is an incredible place to live in and may be the perfect location for elders looking to spend their golden years away from the city. A small semi-rural township near Geelong, Bannockburn is quickly becoming a popular location for people looking for a better quality of life. If you’re still in the market looking for a place, have a look at the property for sale in Bannockburn today.

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