Diwali Decor Tips For Your New Residential Property in Meerut

Cities like Meerut, Hastinapur, Bulandsahar etc. are known for their historical importance. The festivals are celebrated here with great pump and show. And one such famous festival is Diwali. The houses are decorated from tip to toe. People invest in various things during this time as it is regarded propitious. There are many people who have invested or investing in new residential properties in cities like Meerut, they lookout for some excellent decor tips which can make their house look best this festive season. There are various expensive decor ideas which are very common but following them during festivals can be a little heavier on your pockets. On the contrary, if your new Residential property in Meerut is decorated using the following ideas which come at affordable rates, you can wisely utilize the same money on other requirements during this festive season.

So, let us have a look at the amazing yet inexpensive decor tips:

Reuse to reduce your expenses:

Well, there are various items which are considered as trash by you as soon as you shift in to a new apartment. Reusing them can be a great idea to save money as well as give a totally new look to your residential property. A few ideas which can give a new makeover are listed below:

  • Use your old pillows with new cushion covers to renovate your window seat or your balcony.
  • Use old chandelier to plant flowers and hang it in the balcony of your amazing residential property.
  • Use old bottles and wooden boxes to plant sciophytes and make your living room alive with the touch of nature and antiqueness.

Use left-over paints to create patterns:

You need not waste your money on buying a new cane of paint to paint your bedroom. Those left over cans of different colours will do the job. Try out some new patterns with the multiple colors to give a vibrant look to the house. You can also use butter paper or sponge cut in various shapes to create some wonderful patterns on the wet paint.

Use of old and oxidized jewellery:

The most useless jewellery pieces can give a really new looks to the whole room. Using old necklaces to border around antique paintings and curtains or even an old piece of furniture can immediately jazz up the look. You can also frame them in a canvas and make a beautiful yet contemporary corner at your house. You can also use some old pots and some old pictures along with these jewelries on to that corner.

So, use your creative hands and mind without buying anything expensive, renovate your property’s interior in a way which will leave people awe-struck this Diwali.

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