Consider These Things While Decorating Your Home

After buying your dream home, the next thing you may consider is decorating the interiors of the home. As hiring an interior designer would cost you more, you can prefer doing interior decoration works of your home by yourself. And, this will reflect your interest and character.

But what seems to be more appealing to us may not look as good for others as we all know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But we cannot spend too much time in thinking what other like and how to make our home look so appealing to our guest. When we take up the work of performing interior decoration to our home, we tend to make several common mistakes and here are few mistakes to avoid.


Lighting is the main factor which can either completely take out interior decoration to the next level or totally spoil it to the core. The common mistake that we make in lighting is that we tend to add bright lights to room which make it look so jarring and glaring. Also the size of the lamps that we use also makes much difference in the way the room is illuminated.

Foyer decoration

We all start our decoration only from the living room and most of the time leaves out the foyer. But this is the space that requires more attention as it is makes the first impression in our guest’s mind.

Avoid Mismatches

Mismatches may happen anywhere in the house. We need to take extra care in coordinating colours, patterns, and designs in every part of the decoration. Bringing in too much of the same colour in a particular room may make it look monotonous or combing too many colour may look so vibrant.

Adding more inappropriate accents

We may sometime add too many unnecessary decorative accents in any particular space which give cluttered look.

Placing furniture towards wall

We have a habit of pushing all the furniture towards the wall but when we place them away from wall, it will create a more intimate space and a more organized look.

Wall Hanging

Do not hang too much of wall art in one particular space. Fill the space comfortably with few number of wall arts that are apt to the space.

Choosing right colour

Select the wall colour based on the size of the room, choose bright colour for large room and pale paints for small rooms.

Hanging wall arts

We usually hang wall arts too high. But remember art work should be hung in the eye’s height to attract looks.

Focal points

Adding focal points in any room, especially in the living room is an ideal way of decoration. But creating more than one focal point in a room is not a good idea.

Dining room

Dining room are not just for dining tables, so we can also add some show pieces in it to make it look so decorative.

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