Raccoons The Cunning Thieves

Raccoons come in all sizes and physical characteristics. They are found all over the world and have different characteristics. They are found in North America, Russia, China and other parts of the world. They look similar such as the mask around their eyes but their size can be from 1 to 3 feet in length and vary in weight. Their coat is long but thick for this reason they were purposely introduced into the Russian wilderness in the 1920s to produce longer hair for the fur trade at that time.

Raccoons are nocturnal but at times may be active during the day. This occurs during the spring and summer when the female is takes care of pups. Raccoons do not hibernate. They are always active. Their diet ranges from fruits to worms. They will eat fish and mice also. In the suburbs and even the cities they will eat garbage and steal pet food left outside.

The raccoons like to live in forests near water access such as streams and other sources of water. They can adapt that is why they are very successful in the suburbs. The creatures will use your chimney or attics to roost. Residential or commercial buildings makes no difference to them they are adaptable.

Raccoons give birth from March through May. Raccoons are polygamous the males are the philanderers and leave the females to tend to the young ones alone. The female gives birth to 3 to 5 kits.

Raccoons are not only admired for their physical characteristics, but aside from looking like a thief we see them as two story thieves being able to open vents and other secured places in buildings to get into attics and chimneys, etc. The Raccoons often want these places in the spring to give birth to their kits. By building their birthing spaces in these secure areas of residents they can keep their young out of harms way from predators. These safe places allow the pups to grow to a point where they can be self-sufficient.

Raccoons are can be carriers of diseases like rabies and distemper. They will defecate in areas of their occupied spaces in buildings and the dry defecation will travel as spores throughout the property occupied. Additionally, they will destroy your heating protection in the resident by using the attic insulation as a nesting material. Raccoon Removal Services. There are no products short of poison to rid yourself from raccoons because of their adaptability and cunningness.

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