Picking Out the Best Bird Toys for Your Winged Friend

Bird toys, and especially parrot toys have been especially designed to keep your pet birds company when you are away and also help them improve. But pairing the right bird with the right bird toy might be tricky, especially for first time bird owners. The best thing to do is read up on what your pet bird likes do to and try to find the right toy for it. Also, when it doubt about which toy to buy, don’t hesitate to ask a professional opinion from a pet store employee or even your veterinarian.

What Kind of Bird Toys to Buy?

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. For many people, when they think of an animal friend, they usually refer to a dog or a cat. But birds can also make great companions, especially if you know how to take care of them. Birds can be just as fun and playful as any other kind of pet, and, just as other pets, birds need something to stimulate them and help them pass the time their owners aren’t around. This is why bird owners buy toys for them to play with.

But choosing the right bird toys isn’t as simple as it sounds. Firstly, any bird owner should know that not any bird can just play with any toy. Just like dog or cat toys, bird toys come in a variety of models. Some are designed to just be fun while other are used by bird owners to help their birds cope with being alone and even develop their pet’s intellect. Bird toys can be found quite easily, but knowing what kind of bird needs what kind of toy might constitute a problem for the owners.

Bird toys are firstly separated by what kind of bird they are designed for. Some are designed for larger birds, while others for smaller ones. Keeping that in mind, the owners shouldn’t buy something inappropriate for their winged friend just because it looks cool. Chosen wrongly, a bird toy might break and injure the pet or it might just not be accessible to them. That is why, when buying bird toys, the first thing an owner should keep in mind is the size of the bird.

Another thing that might help owners buy the right bird toys for their pets is knowing that bird toys can also be separated by which species likes to play with what. For instance, a budgie might not be so impressed by a simple rope just as a part might not consider a small swing very fun. This is why there are special bird toys made for each kind of bird species. Granted, no bird can resist a mirror and some bells tied to it, but if you are aiming for something more specific, you can rest assured that you can find something special for your pet.

What Parrot Toys to Buy?

Parrot toys are a type of toys for birds especially designed to entertain and help parrots. Although most owners might think that any old bird toy might do, parrot toys are a bit different than others. Firstly, they are designed to withstand the weight of an adult parrot. Some other toys, although some might be quite resistant, are usually designed for smaller birds. Buying a budgie swing and expecting it to support the weight of a full grown Great Alexander parrot might not be the best thing to do.

Parrot toys are also designed to help parrots develop their skills and intellect. As many owners know, parrots have a great capacity for learning various commands and tricks. But in order to get their attention, an owner has to use the appropriate tools. That is where special parrot toys come into play. They are specifically designed in order to help parrots evolve and keep them interested in a certain way for a long time.

Another thing about parrot toys as that they have been created to help the birds not feel lone. Parrots are usually very communicative animals, and as such they enjoy the company of others with which to converse. But, if you can’t take care of two parrots, getting them something that resembles a cage colleague is the next best thing. That is why many parrot toys have mirrors incorporated in them in order to make the birds feel less alone. There are quite a few things an owner should know about his bird before going toy shopping for them, and the best way to do so is do some serious research.

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