Important Features of Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea pigs are fun and inquisitive pets that love to have company and can be very tame when handled correctly. When you own a guinea pig or two or three you will need to give them the right place to live and this will mean investing in a good hutch. These will give your pets the space they need to eat, sleep and exercise comfortably while making sure that they are not running wild in your home or garden. Before you shop for guinea pig hutches here are some of the important features that they need to have.

A strong frame and mesh front and / or top – even if you are planning on keeping your animals in the house these two features are important. You want guinea pig hutches to last for years, so you need to be sure that you are choosing one that is high quality. If you are keeping your pets outdoors you should opt for a hutch with a mesh wire fence that will be tough enough to keep out any predators and make sure your animals are safe each night.

Enough space for the number of guinea pigs you have – on average if you have one guinea pig you will need to choose guinea pig hutches that have a minimum of 7 and a half feet of space per animal. If you have two guinea pig you need to provide them with at least 10 and a half feet as this will give them the room that they need to be healthy and comfortable. Obviously the more guinea pigs you have the more space you will need to provide for them so be aware of this when you are looking for guinea pig hutches.

Areas for the guinea pigs to eat, play and sleep – all guinea pig cages should have ample space, as mentioned, and they also need to have different areas for your animals to live. So make sure that you have a covered area for them to sleep in, give them a place to eat and room to exercise. Even if you are looking for backyard guinea pig hutches you will need to provide them with this.

A lockable door – this is vital to make sure that your animals stay in their guinea pig cages and don’t get loose when you don’t want them to. These tend to be the norm on the majority of guinea pig hutches so you shouldn’t have an issue in getting this feature. If you are keeping your pets outside you might want to use a padlock on this door for extra safety where you need it.

Enough room to clean the hutch – choosing an easy clean hutch will make life so much easier for you. Some people will always choose a plastic hutch whereas other prefer a wooden model as these are more traditional. As a rule, the larger guinea pig hutches are, the easier they are to clean as you are able to reach inside them and disinfect them quickly.

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