How to Throw a Birthday Party For Your Dog

There is nothing better than celebrating your dog’s birthday, it is even better if your tail-wagging buddy has many friends. There are so many different things you can do to create an unforgettable party for your dog. And for those who say that a dog can enjoy a nice soiree, they are wrong. For those who want to throw a birthday party for their dogs, here is how.

Create A Budget

Just like planning aunty other events, the first step in the planning is figuring out how large is your budget. Once you have your budget figured out you will be able to think about all the other things such as invitations, decorations, and foods and drinks. Setting a budget will not only help you not spend too much money but you will be able to make decisions easier if you know how much you can spend on something.

Invite Their Buddies

So, how do you pick who is going to come to their party? If you are a regular at the park, invite dogs who your dog likes playing with. You can also invite your friends, family, or neighborhood dogs that they get along with. You must invite dogs who will get along with others. The best way to invite them is by creating invitations and handing them out to people. If there are going to be a lot of dogs maybe, it’s not a good idea to have a lot of small children there so they don’t get knocked over. Make sure that your human to dog ratio is well balanced so everything is supervised at all times.

Don’t Forget the Decor

Even though they really won’t know the difference between having tons of decorations and having barely any they will have fun no matter what. If you want to make it cute for you to try theming it as a costume or black-tie party so all of them have cute but comfortable outfits . That way you will be able to take cute pictures. But the important thing you need to keep in mind at all times is to decorate with things that they can choke on as well as things that they can’t reach.

Plan Some Party Games

Just like hosting a children’s birthday party, there needs to be something fun to do. If you don’t plan activities, they will just be running around or laying down in the corner. There are so many fun things all the dogs can play. From seeing who is the best catcher by playing the “Popcorn Toss” to doing a “Best Trick Contest” all you need to do is be creative. But when you are inviting a lot of dogs at once make sure that all of them have dog id tags so everyone can be easily identified at all times.

Have Foods and Drinks

There can’t be a birthday party without any cake. Lucky for you, there are so many doggy cake recipes you can choose from. If you want to have little snacks, they can chew on you can make so many fun things. From popsicles to dog treats. But treats and snacks for the pet store will do the trick. When you are having a lot of dogs over it is important that there are enough water bowls. Even though it is a dog birthday you can’t forget about their owners. Make sure that you have things that humans can eat and drink.

Even though creating a birthday extravaganza is super fun you will need to create a space for the gods where they will be able to separate and relax. Another thing that you need to provide them with is shaded spaces with water.

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