How to Choose The Right Bird Cages For Your Winged Friend?

When thinking of buying bird supplies, especially bird cages, owners should always take the time and do their research on what kind of supplies their birds need. Although this might not seem as very important, bear in mind that the wrong kind of supplies might be dangerous for both you and your pet. Make sure that you ask people that have owned birds before you start buying whatever seems interesting to you and also do some reading, online at least, about what your particular bird needs.

What Kind of Bird Supplies Do You Need?

Birds might seem easy to take care of, especially if you have never owned one before. But don’t be fooled by the fact that they do not need to be walked or washed like a dog or cat. In fact, birds can be just as high maintenance as any other pet. And that is why you have to make sure that you have the proper supplies in order to take the best care for them. They don’t have to be the most expensive supplies, but they have to be the right ones. That is why you should do some research about what you need, or even ask a professional such as a vet or another bird owner, in order to get it right the first time.

Bird supplies usually refer to cages, water and food trays, toys and other accessories that will make your birds life better. But knowing which bird supplies to buy and why is where the job gets a bit tricky. You can usually find bird supplies quite easily. From dedicated supermarket aisles to specialized online pet stores, you have a wide variety of brands and types of supplies to choose from. But that doesn’t mean you should just go and buy the first thing from the first shop you see. For instance, bird food has to be right for the species you have. Each species has special dietary needs and not knowing them can make them sick or even worse. That’s why you need to read up on your type of bird before going to buy the right food.

Bird supplies also include bird toys, that also have to be picked out right, depending in the type of bird you are raising. First thing you should do when picking out toys is to make sure they are made out of safe materials that won’t injure your feathered friend. Some toys might have artificial dyes or unsafe metallic elements, that can end up hurting your pet. Always be sure that the toys you buy are safe and that they are appropriate for your species. That means not buying a small swing for a large bird or a big rope for a smaller one.

Buying bird supplies can be hard if you don’t know what you are doing. To avoid wasting time and money on useless supplies you should always check with a vet or another bird owner in order to get some solid information. Take your time and do some research before rushing out to buy your bird supplies. You can always check the internet for information on what kind of food a certain species eats or which vitamin supplements are better for what bird. There are a lot of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to helping you take care of your bird friend.

Choosing The Right Bird Cages

Bird cages come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even colors. Choosing one for your favorite pet might seem like a daunting task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use in order to make that decision easier:

  1. Bird cages should always be chosen according to the size and number of birds you are raising. You can either choose to buy several bird cages or just one big one. Regardless, you should be aware of how big your pet can get and choose accordingly. You don’t have to buy too big of a cage right away. You can just buy a bigger one when the bird grows. But you certainly don’t want to buy one that is too small. Not having enough space to fly and play can have negative effects on the development of your pet. Usually, being cramped up in small bird cages, makes birds anxious and quite rowdy.
  2. When looking at bird cages make sure that the one you pick is strong enough and made out of safe materials. Bird cages, although usually made out of metal, might have faulty welding points. You don’t want that because your pet might injure himself on it. Also, make sure that if it is painted or coated in any way, the substances used aren’t harmful to the bird.
  3. Unless you are planning on never moving the cage from a certain spot ever again, make sure that it is easy to transport and handle. Bird cages have been used as decorative elements with great success. But remember that you are looking for function over form. That means that the bird cages you are considering have to be easy to move and can withstand excessive handling if need be.

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