Finding The Right Wholesale or Discount Pet Food Supplier

There are a lot of wholesale pet food suppliers around the world, but finding the right one can be difficult, a lot of customers overlook the cost’s of retail and the benefit of buying at trade or wholesale.

What is the difference between wholesale and trade, nothing, zilch. They are the same and basically mean that you pay far less than retail, what you do is buy at wholesale and either use for your own pets, or resell the goods and make a profit.

Which company would you choose? This will depend on what you need pet food wise, completes, treats, designer wear or raw meat, the choice is yours, but not all pet shops will sell what you need.

Lets take the frozen meat, some pets shops sell this, most do not ship these items due to the perishable nature and defrosting. You can however find the odd site that does.

Do you buy from your locale? That will depend on if your country has restrictions, or has regulations that make sure the product is fit for animals. Some supplies label up foods as branded goods, but they are made in another country bypassing all the regulations. It is up to you what you feed your animal though. When choosing a supplier, shop around, if you buy from abroad, check out the tax’s that may be applied when the product arrives in your country, also be aware that once the goods start shipping, it is down to the shipping company to look after your goods.

What can you make profit wise from buying at trade prices? That depends on the product, if it is meat, it will be in pence, if it is a brand name then it could be 50% or higher. If you opt for re-selling retail, then make sure you research the competition, both online and shops to ascertain what they make.

If you buy in bulk(meaning buying in quantity amounts) for yourself, then the saving mount up, the problem is where to store your pet food products, things like treats and toys are easier, but 15-20kg bags are harder to store. A garage for instance sounds like a good place, make sure it is water tight and insulated, if there are gaps around the building, rats can get in and damage products, moisture also can get through certain bags.

Finding drop shipping pet food suppliers, this is a hard one, a lot of drop shippers either have really expensive delivery charges, or ask for a high monthly payment and have handling / admin charges applies to all orders. The logistics of providing this service is high, and finding a good company is very hard.

What does drop shipping mean? It is basically a service where the supplier will ship a product to your customer in a plain box with no paper work, or a plain delivery note. An ideal service because you don’t need to worry about packaging or shipping, the provide will take care of this for a cost.

So to recap, buying trade or wholesale save you lots of money, you can either re-sell the products on, or use this in conjunction with a drop shipper. The other alternative is to use the products for your own pets.

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