Availing The Services of Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic And Orange County Veterinarians

In 1975, 41 Orange County Veterinarians came together to start what is known as the Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic to provide after office hours quality emergency services to pets as well as to veterinarians located in the areas comprising of Fullerton/La Habra, Garden Grove and in the areas surrounding these places. Today the clinic has 63 veterinarian shareholders and over 300 veterinarians who send their clients or refer them to the clinic after their own clinic are closed or in case of an emergency wherein 24 hour critical care and overnight monitoring is needed. They are open when your friendly neighborhood veterinarian closes down for the day to provide emergency services to your pets when the need arises.

The Orange County Veterinariansoperates two full services clinic, addressing the needs of emergency as well as walk-ins pet cases. They provide their services for animals that have been in road accidents, have consumed poison, under gone trauma, fractures, and even C-sections an animal having labor difficulties, plus the also treat other such emergency situations which pet owners can’t handle. Skilled veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians as well as veterinary assistants comprise the staff that runs the emergency pet clinic with highly trained skills in the field of veterinary medicine. Besides treating the regular animals like cats’ dogs and farm animals they also treat birds, reptiles, rabbits and rodents. In case of a hospital stay your pet is provided with soft bedding, food and water as per the vet’s recommendations, temperature controlled environments and they even provide litter boxes for cats to make their stay comfortable.

Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic are doctors who work with your family veterinarian after your own veterinarian closes his office for the day. They also share records, lab and test reports and x-rays with your personal veterinarian so that you pet’s treatment is carried out as smoothly as possible once you go back to them after any emergency treatment is taken from the emergency pet clinic. Just like in any hospital these vets will take care of your pets by taking their vitals running a series of tests and will also sit you down to discuss what is the best possible treatment they can provide for your beloved pet. In case there is nothing that can be done for them then the vets will also suggest methods of how to humanely put them out to stop your pet’s suffering. On the whole it is nice to know that even our own pets have emergency hospitals/clinic that they can be taken to in the event of an unforeseen situation arising.

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