US Accounts For 50 of Flatpanel Shipments in 2011

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Sohu IT News] [August 11, news, market research firm Forrester released the latest survey report shows that non-Apple camp want to beat the iPad, the European market is more price- competitive products, a greater chance of winning.

Forrester survey interviewed 14,000 consumers, manufacturers, telecom operators and retailers interviewed from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and other European countries. According to the interview results showed that 2% -7% of respondents said they have a Tablet PC, 10% -14% of the interviewees expressed interest in buying the Tablet PC. In addition, the interviewee, the Tablet PC has the highest proportion of Spanish, French minimum, the Germans the largest interest in buying Tablet PC. Apple in the UK although there are 30 stores, but the British have a tablet, compared with only 3%.

Forrester analyst Ipswich (Sarah Rotman Epps), said Apple has 238 stores in the United States, while in Europe only 52. This is Samsung, Sony, Acer, RIM and other companies, Europe is relatively conducive to the development of the market. If the major manufacturers to introduce lower-priced products, even if the content can not go beyond the iPad, will also be welcomed by consumers.
According to Forrester estimates that in 2011 Tablet PC shipments worldwide of 48 million units, which accounted for 50% of the U.S. market, Europe 30% Asia 15% Latin America 5%. In addition, the survey shows that in 2011 Apple iPad will continue to lead, Tablet PC shipments in the U.S. market will account for 80%, Europe accounts for 70% of the tablet PC market.

Epps (Sarah Rotman Epps) that the content, distribution channels, price is the antidote to the three elements of the Apple iPad. Come out this fall, the two Sony flat-panel computer, although the content and sales channels do not exist, but do not have the competitive price advantage. Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese manufacturers that can manufacture products at lower prices, but the lack of content and sales channels. Forrester believes that, because Android Tablet PC operating system is not mature enough, did not think Samsung has recently launched Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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