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Current affairs are an important medium to communicate with all the neighbouring countries. It brings s the world much closer and erases lines of privacy between countries. We all are dependent on current affairs to gain information on the prevailing conditions in our environment. Due of exchange of information many countries have helped the other during crises and this restored a peaceful environment. There are many mediums to spread current affairs, like newspapers, internet, magazines, radio, and television etc. however; quizzes are the most preferred option. They contain information on various areas like politics, science and technology, business, natural disasters, important movements, persons and dates etc. Apart from spreading awareness, current affairs also play a major role in competitive exams. They cover a major portion of the syllabus. Many competitive exams consist of current affairs questions which carry high weight age.

Current affairs stand as the record of various happenings and events that took place around us. One needs to stay updated with current affairs as it helps you to stay updated and aware. It is an unpredictable world an anything can occur any moment. Especially, natural disasters are unpredictable. Recently, in 2011, a devastating Earthquake hit Japan killing millions of people and ruining the entire country. In a matter of few minutes, this current news was spread throughout the world. It helped many neighbouring countries to take necessary precautions. Many countries also helped Japan in these crises with food and basic necessities.

All countries are linked to each other; therefore it is the duty of a country to help other when in need. Devastation of Japan also ruined the business of many countries dealing with it, which included India also. This is due to the globalization which has brought the world much closer. It has set up a structure of a close knit world where all the countries are inter-dependant. Business is not confined to the boundaries of a particular country; it now takes place on a global level where countries exchange commodities. Thus, it is very essential to stay updated with the happenings of the world. We must always remember, what happened to them can also happen to us.
Current affairs also help in competitive exams. Our government realizes the importance of current affairs in our lives and has therefore, made it mandatory to include current affairs in many government exams like civil services and bank exams.

Thus, the importance of current affairs India in all spheres is very evident. We should not confine our knowledge to India. It is equally important to learn current happenings of the world. Quizzes and newspapers can help you to stay updated.

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