Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs Stories That Will Inspire You This Quarantine

When a difficulty occurs, people do talk about it, yet they never consider getting a solution for it. They exhibit no obligation in addressing the obstacle until and unless they are personally swayed by it. While those who befall under Generation X strive to move up the corporate stairs because boom generation isn’t retiring as early as planned, Millennials have been gaining their income through quite innovative ways. For many, the term is called entrepreneurship. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs Stories That will Inspire You This Quarantine.

India being a developing nation has contributed many prominent scholars, scientists, philosophers, and even entrepreneurs. The sense of accomplishment is deep-rooted in Indians and that’s the reason why we excel in almost all fields. Of all the Successful Entrepreneurs Stories you have discovered, apparently, the most enthralling ones are those where youngsters and teenagers put their imprint around the globe. Here we present some of the Successful Entrepreneurs Stories of Indias youngest entrepreneurs, and we believe it will inspire you this quarantine and assist you to realize that its neither too late or never too early to seek your dreams of being a business owner.

1. Farrhad Acidwalla

One of the best successful entrepreneurs stories in India is about Farrhad Acidwalla. When he was 13, he borrowed around Rs. 1,200 from his dad to create an online community. At the age of 16, he rented 500rs to buy an online domain. By 17, this teenager was in an interview with CNN. Now at the age of 26, Farrhad Acidwalla is one of the prominent names under the successful entrepreneurs list of India!

Trading his primary business idea to a fan for nearly Rs. 25,000, Farhhad applied the funds to start Rockstah Media, a Web Developing Media Firm. The organization is now about three years old and is already appreciated by many across the nation.

2. Advait Thakur

Advait Thakur, a 15-year-old tech prodigy of India started using computers when he turned six. He launched his first website when he was nine and has been operating with Google’s AI and Cloud Platform for a fair couple of years now. Advait Thakur founded the Apex Infosys India in 2017 and is currently the chief executive officer. Apex Infosys India is also associated with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT Sector. Advait is a Bing, Google and Hubspot Certified Indian computer programmer expert.

3. Ritesh Agarwal

We all have heard about Ritesh Agarwal and how his idea of Oyo revolutionized the hotel industry forever. His story is one of the best successful entrepreneurs’ stories in India. Ritesh was never fond of studies so he withdrew formal education to further pursue his plans. The concept of Oravel Stays thumped him when he was 18. The basic idea was an affordable hotel chain that accommodates B&B. After realizing that no other service granted a room for a budget commuter, Ritesh got the idea from Oravel stays to OYO rooms. Agarwal commenced OYO with barely 11 only rooms in a Gurgaon resort.

Ritesh has been listed among the top 50 entrepreneurs by TATA’s first dot awards in the year 2013. He was also among the finalists of the global student Entrepreneurship Awards held in India. At present, OYO provides approx 65000 rooms in around 5500 properties beyond 170 cities in India.

4. Arjun Rai

At the time most student’s life is aimless and unplanned, Arjun Rai, on the contrary, was more firm and focused on his vision. When children of his age were occupied enjoying video games, he arranged a garage sale and got his first earning, which then provided him the perspective towards his future life.

Arjun showed the world his potential to rise and he held a prominent place in the Successful Entrepreneurs Stories list. Following high school, Arjun has turned out to be an extraordinary networker; he also worked on several projects and startups of his own during the time. He became CEO of a swiftly increasing online advertising company in 2010 but left it and is now planning to start up with Odysseys Ads proffering

resolutions for the 21st-century marketers. While he was graduating from the New York Institute of Technology he had already commenced two successful startups, The BizDen, and

5. King Siddharth

The last Successful Entrepreneurs Stories is about King Sidharth, an enthusiastic young entrepreneur in India who crossed new boundaries with his intelligence. He is celebrated for his ideas, philosophy and is a frequent speaker over numerous college events.

Life of King Siddharth exhibits such principles, a drop-out by choice but never did he end his learning curve. At the age of 11, he started planning events in his locality, they also made tickets for the attendees.

Later in the 10th standard, he started a digital magazine called Friendz, an endeavor to serve all like-minded people in one place. He later developed an extensive interest in film making and began shooting short videos amongst his colleagues and friends. By the time he reached his 11th grade, he was filled with vital knowledge in designing and building websites.

King got his place in the list of World’s 25 Young Entrepreneurs in the year 2010 and was further featured in the book.

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