Security Council Discuss The Influence of Climate Change on Peace And Security

On the day when the United Nations announced two regions in southern Somalia fell into the state of drought and famine, UN Security Council precisely discussed the influence of climate change on international peace and security. The conference was highly valued by the parties worldwide with representatives from totally 65 countries speaking at the conference.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said to the Security Council that the food and drinking water shortage had posed a serious threat to local, national and even international stability. Competition for resources, especially for water, increasingly deteriorates security situation. In addition, desert expansion, deforestation, rising sea levels and other issues also produce a large number of environmental refugees, changing the world pattern of human geography. Ban Ki-moon said: “We cannot make a mistake any more. It is obvious that climate change is indeed in place, and is becoming more serious with frightening speed. It not only deteriorates those factors which pose a threat to international peace and security, the climate itself is a serious threat to international peace and security.”

On the basis of the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, the international community has made some consensus in dealing with the issue of climate change. According to Ban Ki-moon, member countries still need to strengthen cooperation and take actions more effectively.

Achim Steiner, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Executive Director, also emphasized that at present, the issue was not whether climate change is a threat to humans, but how the international community should respond effectively to security issues resulting from environmental changes. He pointed out that scientific research showed that there might be sudden and turning-point and even irreversible changes on global climate. For example, in 2030, the ice in the Arctic Pole may all melt in the summer. Being lack of the reflection of sunlight of ice, the Earth’s surface will absorb more heat.

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