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Red Cross Society of China donation information release platform 31st on line trial operation aroused public concern, as of August 1, 2011, hits the information publishing platform has reached 18 million. Certainly important step in the Federation of the Red Cross to open and transparent, while many users also questioned platform launch data. In response, the Red Cross Society of China respond to the charge.

“Supervision in yushu why require $ 5.83 million”, head of the Red Cross Society of China-related explanations, this proportion is complying with the provisions set aside steering and project evaluation, auditing, inspection fee. Because of reconstruction work is not over, which we have not yet started, after the above implementation is complete, similarly to publicize specific usage, accept social supervision.

“Donation data errors”, Red Cross Society of China to explain, because when information is incomplete in some donor contributions, combined with the platform are still in pilot phase, “donation inquiry” names appear in, duplication, omissions, and other circumstances. In response, the Red Cross Society of China expressed its willingness to artificial queries for donors to provide further services.

On “Red Cross Foundation and around red will when established can query system”, about heads said, China Red Cross Foundation has Yu 2008 opened contributions to account query platform, donation people can through this platform query to June 2005 yilai through various way donation to China Red base will of contributions data; for major project, China Red Cross Foundation will project implementation situation in website Shang regularly publicity, and under project progress for update. In addition, around the practice of the Federation of Red Cross and the Red Cross Foundation is a reference, and gradually establish based on the information of the Internet publishing platform, achieving financial transparency of payments and donations use information, national Red Cross-system information to two years.

On “contributions time early Yu yushu earthquake” of questions, Red Cross Society of China said, platform announced of is since on January 11, 2010 yilai to Red Cross Society of China donation information, public not only can query Qinghai yushu earthquake of donation information and assistance project information, also can query on January 11, 2010 yilai Red Cross Society of China contributions account of contributions to account information, as for South drought, and zhouqu debris flow, and 2010 flood, and Yunnan yingjiang, earthquake, and Japan earthquake of contributions,. For more of the same surname and given name of the donor, next will also be further improved and perfected.

Secretary General of the Red Cross Society of China said Wang Rupeng, Red Cross Society of China from the beginning of the end of 2010 in the making in the original “China Red Cross donor database” on the basis of development, establishing donation information publishing platform, and included in the programme of work this year, was officially launched in March this year the work. For each donation and to use flow can query, is the future direction and goals of the platform.

Wang Rupeng said that, in information publishing platform needs reorganizing, massive donations of data entry, checking, inevitable omissions and is currently publishing platform is not perfect. Therefore, the Red Cross Society of China published on the platform of information advice and enquiry, accept your views and suggestions, and will further modify and improve, through the establishment of publishing platform, promote the Red Cross system open and transparent, trend information and institutionalized and standardized.

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