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News is a report of recent events or previously unknown information around the world. The news is an task to updating which had been taking place in the country or world. But most of the things that are happen in the world every day don’t find in the newspaper or in the news channels. In India most of the people will watch Hindi news, because it is a national language. The Hindi movie reviews are written on the base of Hindi literature only. In film industry the gossips on the celebrities, releasing dates of the movies, this all are discussed in the new bulletin box office report.

Movies play important role in the entertainment industry. They operate as a major source of entertainment in many countries. Movies in Hindi which are said to be bollywood movies are releasing more all over the world. People are more interested in know about Hindi movie reviews. The reviews of the story are published in Hindi, as Hindi is more comfortable to understand and express, this language is preferred more. Most of the movies in India are release in their speaking language of their states but if the movie is released all over the country, they will Hindi language to release the movie.

The people in the India mostly prefer to watch Hindi news as it most speaking language in the country. The Hindi news is very much helpful to understand by the people all over the country. The box office report is the news which gives the all the details of the film industry. Every film industry has their box office report in the country. This gives all the information about the particular industry. In both the print media and electronic media the box office report of a particular state will be telecasted.

The Hindi news is very much helpful to the people to know about the incidents over the world. The news is useful to know about the box office report. In this report people will get different types of information about their favorite actors or actress, the information about the movies. The Hindi movie reviews are also telecasted in the Hindi news in both the print media and electronic media. The Hindi language and literacy should be prefect to publish or telecast the news reviews and reports in Hindi. The reviews of particular movies are released after the movie released in the theaters.

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